Grammys 2012-Fashion Summary on Music Awards Show Following Sad Death of Whitney Houston

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What's Happened to the Music Today?

I know my words will sound just like my father's a generation before me.  He lamented the destruction of the crooners of his era to be replaced by hip-grinding rock and rollers like Elvis Presley.  At a even later era he complained of the long-haired singers and their silly lyrics such as the Beatles.

So I watched almost the entire Grammy broadcast this past Sunday night, Feb. 12, 2012, just one day after the shocking and sudden death of Whitney Houston.

The music awards show did pay homage to one of their greatest while I sat in sadness as much over Whitney's actual death as well as her brand of pretty music.

First is the rap music.  Here's a politically incorrect sentiment, but nonetheless true.  Rap music is just not all that popular in America. 

For sure there's nothing wrong with the genre just because I don't like it.  It's a music some people like and as music goes, if some folks like it some folks will buy it.  But take a reality competetive singing show like "American Idol", or "The Voice", or "America's Got Talent".  Never does a rap singer win these contests.  They never win because rap song afficiandos are not so many and the winners of those shows need folks to call in to win the prize.  The newest singing competetive reality series, X Factor, seems to feature edgier genres like rap music but while there was a promising rocker in that show's top ten, the winner was much more the norm for this type of series.

But this is not to misunderstand that I condemn rap music as the death of American music, not at all.  No.  Now we go into gangsta rap and it starts to get really nasty.  But even that's not the source of my lament.

For as I watched the 2012 Grammy award music performances I didn't feel any sort of joy that listening to music should bring about, or even a smile. 

The performances were all way over the top.

Katy Perry is a pretty thing and she has some talent.  Dear Lord her performance was so over the top I could hardly bear to watch it.  First, I know Lady Gaga has a schtick and it works well for her.  Madonna was the Lady Gaga of yore and once we all complained about Madonna and her ice-cream cone tops but today the performers get as close to naked as they can, and as close to obscene as the censors might allow, and it's like sitting in a strip club.

The sets for these musical productions are huge light, sound and boom-boom shows that it's impossible to focus on the song or the singer.  There are dozens of dancers surrounding the performer, the singer often does intricate dances, sometimes x-rated, as he or she sings.  Fireworks and dramatic light shows light up the stage while giant movie screens have constantly flashing and changing images.

I watched pretty Katy Perry in her skin tight silly outfit, endured the lights and camera until finally I turned it all off.

Sometimes less is more, as the saying goes.

Some song performances had the singers wearing some sort of headgear like Micky Mouse ears, complete with neon circling lights and electronic sounds that sounded more like a blown fuse than anything musical.

It's just not music anymore.

Anyway, looking on to some fashion snark.

Below Alison Krauss, left,wins the prize for the most boring outfit on what should be an exciting fashion night.  Right, Sasha Gradiva with her pretty pink dress with a sleeve crafted entirely of guns.

Left, who else but Snooki.  Just one word for Snooki's look....Heh.
Right, Kelly Osbourne wins best dressed for the night with her figure-flattering gilded gown perfect for a night at the Grammys.

So okay, below left we have Nicki Manaj and she wins the prize for the best dress making no sense at all.  Right is Katy Perry.  This look wins the prettiest dress combined with the ugliest hairstyle award.

Below left, Bruno Mars, who wins the highest male hair-do award along with the highest high-water pants award, two high point awards for one look.  Right is Esperanza Spalding, who brings in the most original dress award, pretty and intriguing.

Below left, Mario Lopez, most best looking male award.  Where is his date?  Right we have Cyndi Lauper winning the old lady geezer award trying to look the ugliest.

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