Top Chef Texas Down to Top Two. But We Know Whose Going to Win Don't We?

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Final Coming Up.  Will It Be Paul or Sarah?

It has been a great Top Chef season this Top Chef Texas and I have quite enjoyed. The contenders got along, there was a minimum of absurd scripting. The meals as prepared by the contenders were still just as way out as always, to include rabbit hearts and pureed wasabi but that's the nature of the series.

I don't quite understand why all of a sudden, after showing all season in Texas, everybody has to up and pack and go to frigid Vancouver. The winner of Top Chef wins the right to be a feature in a big cooking event in Aspen Colorado. It is cold in Aspen Colorado so I dunno, maybe they're preparing the chefs for the chill?

In the most recent Top Chef Texas episode as of this writing-2/22/12-the three remaining contenders had a couple of interesting tasks. For the Quickfire challenge with a prize of $20,000, the contenders were to work in tandem with another Top Chef to complete an Asian influenced dish.

It was kind of intriguing in that one part of the duo would go into the kitchen and pick ingredients, maybe get out the required pots. This with a ten minute time limit. The contender would then come in for ten minutes and try to figure out what the first part of the team was trying to make. And so it would go for twenty minutes.

Sarah won this quickfire….nice and that $20,000 sure is nice too.

For the elimination challenge, the contenders were charged with preparing a dish AND a cocktail for a so-called Fire and Ice cocktail party. The dishes as prepared by the contenders were supposed to meet a criteria of containing elements of heat and cool.

Lots of spice on this one, some cool concoctions.

Lindsay, alas, came in third for this challenge and was thus, sent home.

So it is down to the top two, Paul and Sarah.

I don't doubt that Paul will win this thing handily. Paul has won the most quickfire and elimination challenges of all the contenders and he has a much better personality than Sarah.

However I predicted that Bachelor Ben would go with KacieB and he sent her home last week.

So take any predictions by me with a big grain of salt.

The Top Chef Texas Grand finale is scheduled for Wednesday night,2/29/12, Bravo, at 10 pm.

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