-Academy Awards 2012 Fashion Report. Some Categories Invented By Me

Video of the Day

One of the funniest videos I've seen in a while.  Notice the cat peeking over the steps.  Then watch the big brave dog scare the heck...NO WAIT!  Video about a minute long.

The 2012 Academy Awards....Ho Hum....As Always.

I don't blame these bunch of nothing-burgers for getting all guzzied up and giving out awards as if they'd all found a cure for cancer for the mere action of pretending to be someone else.  Hell's bells, if they get away with it, peeing upon our feet whilst telling us it's raining, dag, well they act pretty good, huh?

And I suppose there's a talent to acting, for sure there has to an inborn ability to sing if that's the talent.  I understand such as the love of a craft and scads of folks took to the podium on 2/26/12 to receive Oscars for such as photography, make-up, documentary, writing.  Indeed it takes talent to make a movie and yes, we've all, in our lifetimes, seen movies that inspired us, moved us, caused us to cry, made us laugh.

We really do understand this sort of thing out here in la-la land where we carry this country on our backs.  We just have it all more in perspective is all.

Like many Americans who watch the annual Oscar show, I didn't see many, or in my case, ANY, of the nominated movies.  Indeed the only movies I go to see are animated things that I go to with my granddaughter.  I can't imagine going to a movie just to, eh, see a movie.  If I was so interested in a movie I'd be waiting to watch it on HBO or Netflix.

The only movie I chanced to see that was in the running last night was the animated movie "RIO" and it was nominated for best song.  It didn't win.

The other major news of the night beyond the fashion was, heh, George Clooney, God Bless, was passed over for an actor WHO ONLY SPOKE TWO LINES THE ENTIRE FILM!  Hey, what an ignoble way to go down in Oscar history.

There was, as always, the fashion and for this we have our tongue-in-cheek awards.  Below.  Enjoy.
Best Fashion at Showing Right Boob-Jennifer Hudson

Best at wearing red trash bags hanging off back of dress for no discernible purpose.-Ann Hathaway

Best Looking All Around Male-Andrew Garfield

Best at showing No boobs or skin at top-Florence Weich

Best Looks like something I crocheted-Melissa Leo

Absolute best all around glamorous look-Sharon Stone

Second best looks like something I crocheted-Jacki Weaver

Kelly Osbourne scores again with great dress and hair

Best Plus sized dress-looks fabulouso-Octavia Spencer

Female with least amount of talent in all of the Oscar shows....EVER-Tina Fey

Second best all around sexy and glamorous look of Oscars 2012-Milla Jovovich

Best looks like a Catholic high school uniform

Best hairstyle Oscars 2012, Best Strap slipping off shoulder too-Missi Pyle

Best "I can't believe she's got an Afro" at Oscars 2012-Esperanza Spalding

Most all around best look-Oscars 2012-Maria Menounos

Best Not Bad for an Old Broad Oscars 2012-Merle Streep

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