Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Continues, Women Bicker, Men Stay Strong, It Becomes a Hoot

Donald Trump Has the Thinnest Lips of Any Man on the Planet

So the above observation has not much to do with anything except it's the truth. And Ivanka has the exact same lips.

I got an interesting comment on my first post on this Blog about The Celebrity Apprentice (nnnn).

did you all notice..the ONLY person/cpmpany that DIDNT match the 20,000 task prize...was IVANKA cheap is that...used the show to market her clothes/accessory line, but DID not donate any of her company money to the charity!! I HAVE LOST ALL REAPECT FOR IVANKA TRUMP
In fact I hadn't noticed that Ivanke didn't make a match for the winner's charity from her company and goodness she's got a lot of business going on. I DID notice, since this comment raised my awareness, that Crystal Lite matched the charitable contribution by $30,000, $10,000 beyond the normal prize of $20,000. Does make me wonder.

As of this writing, the following are still left on this series:

Arsenio Hall
Aubrey O'Day
Clay Aiken
Dayana Mendoza
Debbie Gibson
Dee Snider
Lisa Lampanelli
Lou Ferrigno
Paul Teutul, Sr.
Penn Jillette
Teresa Giudice

I like this series, always look forward to it. But I got a couple of complaints.

First, I DVR each episode and isn't The Donald on every Monday morning on Fox and Friends and he loudly announces who got sent home before I even had a chance to view one minute of the show.

Second, that Board room part is excruciatingly long.

I understand that the Board room is a major part of the drama and I know that The Donald wants to amp up the angst.

He loves to pit the team members against each other to the point when you almost feel sorry for them.

Here's a group of men or women who all just recently worked together to complete an assigned task. Sure, when the teams are busy working the task there's some scripting and emphasis on the disputes and spats, goodness you need something to keep the viewers tuned in. But teams like this are usually happy and in a state of cohesiveness after an assigned task is completed. There's a mellowness that descends upon teams after a challenge and The Donald sticks his nose into the peace and wants to know who was bad, who should go home, who's the black sheep on the team.

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Which is fine, just fine, I get it. But dear Lord how about maybe five to eight minutes of this poking of the happy lions then moving on? Those Project Managers are hopeful that their team will win and the last thing they want to do is cast aspersions on their team mates before they even learn which team is the winner.

Thus the winning team PM has already pointed fingers of blame for no reason and it's kind of sad.

As for the remaining contenders, I've some thoughts. Penn Jillette is being painted as a bad dude, a bit of a trouble maker. Lou Ferrigno, he of Incredible Hulk fame, is often the subject of finger-pointing and God bless he's such a sweet guy. He has a lisp and his team mates tend to point it out as a problem source during their challenge, which it never is.

Lisa Lampanelli has a bit of a big mouth and insinuates herself into all discussions. But she's interesting and makes some keen observations.

So far the teams have made and sold sandwiches, created a medieval show, designed a living window presentation for Ivanka's fashion line, and held a party to feature Crystal Lite "mocktails".

The results have been interesting and entertaining and quite creative.

Below a couple of short video snippets of recent challenges:

Men's presentation below

Women's presentation below

As for who might win this this thing, Arsenio, Dee Snyder, Lisa Lampanelli, and Theresa Giudice have yet to be a Project Manager. For now, of the men I'd think Paul Teutel and of the women, Debbie Gibson, might be ones to keep an eye on.

This speculation subject to change as the rest step up to the plate and lead a challenge.

First post on this series:

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