Survivor One World-Men versus Women Continues and the Women Were Doing Okay. Now It All Changes

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Out With the Same Sex Tribes

This season's Survivor is all over the place. Some really weird stuff going on with this show and by now I'm super confused.

First, let's clarify the new tribe members because the concept of an all woman tribe and an all man tribe is evidently out the door.

New Monano tribe:

Alicia, Colton,Christina, Monica,Leif, Sabrina,Jonas

New Salani tribe members

Michael, Kat, Troy,Jay,Chelsea,,Greg,Kim,

I'm not sure how the tribe members were chosen or even why the sexual composition of the tribes were changed. No wait! Somewhere in my notes I did notate that the new tribe members were decided by breaking some kind of colored eggs, with matching colors comprising the new tribes' makeups. As for doing this at all, my knee jerk reaction is to consider that the producers can come up with better scripting if the tribes are mixed-sex. There's always the love angle in these sorts of things and love has a tough time when both sides are playing against each other.

As it is coming to be, Colton is turning out to be this year's evil guy, so much so that his persona is set up to have him come across as an arrogant homosexual grown up in a wealthy environment and believing blacks to be beneath his station.

One thing hasn't escaped my notice was the fact that the females are always shown wearing tiny teeny bikinis while the men generally wear long shorts and tshirts. Some of those women do like to show their stuff, check out Alicia.

Recently the guys did something kinda bizarre. They had won the immunity challenge. Somehow Colton convinced the rest of his team, who must have all been Obama voters, that they should give up their immunity idol to the women and the MEN should vote someone off. The men voted Bill off but it's not at all clear why and it's less clear why they took this strange action at all.

The most recent episode as of this writing had Monica voted off the island. Now the Monano tribe has five members with the Salani tribe having six. The characters and backstories are starting to develop. Contender Kat is cute as can be but dumb as a rock. Colton is evil personified. There's a real small guy involved in this thing and some dude calls himself Tarzan.

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I've yet to understand how these teams decide who to vote off. On principle I understand that it's a delicate balance of keeping strong enough members around to help win challenges while throwing off the extremely powerful that they not run away with the thing.

Colton, for example, as I see it, should be thrown the hell outta there. He's hardly any kind of strong contender. He gets all involved in gossipy lying sessions and seems to orchestrate trouble. If I was on his team I'd kick him off first thing.

But….then again, Colton does bring the element of evil, angst and the homosexual angle is somewhat interesting.

It does make me wonder.

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