" Stolen Life" by Jaycee Dugard-A Riveting Account of Abduction, Fear, Theft of a Childhood

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I read this book by Jaycee Dugard-"A Stolen Life" and I was weakened by the horror of it all.

Now I'm quite sure that Jaycee did not write this book all by herself but her personality came through every word clear and precise. Her tormentor is now in jail, what an awful, awful man married to an equally awful woman.

Jaycee Dugard was only 10 years old when she was kidnapped by Phillip Girardo and his nut of a wife, Nancy. She was going to school one morning and next thing she was swiped up from the street into a passing car. Phillip Girardo and his wife put Jaycee in a dark closet for many weeks while Phillip repeatedly raped the girl and left her alone and in the dark.

Jaycee describes her ordeal and at times I had to put the book down and walk away. What the hell were these two idiots thinking?

Over the course of time Jaycee was given bigger quarters in the form of a tent along with some comforts such as air conditioning. She was never happy but was terrified to try and escape as she was abducted when she was just a child, was scared of her captor, had no idea where she was.

Phillip Girardo was a bad, bad man and one big thing one would learn from reading her book is how damn bogus psychological care can be. Jaycee might have been a child, denied school beyond the 4th grade or so, but she was smart enough to see how easily Phillip Girardo fooled his court appointed psychologists.

Nancy Girardo needed psychological help way more than her husband. At least he was allowed to enjoy himself while she reduced herself to the lowest of the low, procuring young girls and tricking them into doing splits and tricks for Phillip's viewing pleasure.

The final big horror of it all is that Jaycee bore two daughters by Girardo. She handles the situation with her daughters quite well, hiding them from nosy prying eyes, accepting that the man of her torment was their father. She can not change that and she accepts that which she can't change.

One of the more horrible parts of the story is Girardo's use of some drug cocktail that made him go sexually nuts. Poor young Jaycee had to suffer this man' degrading sexual assault, sometimes for days at a time, that left her sobbing with the pain.

Dear Lord, this man had a plethora of law enforcement and parole officers visiting him. He had a huge amount of psychologists to whom he lied and fooled as he tortured a young girl for almost twenty years.

Jaycee has started a charitable foundation called the JAYCFoundation. She uses her story to raise money to help innocent children of abuse. She's had many pets through the years, pets that kept her sane but were still taken from her to an unknown end. Jaycee really did have a stolen life. Thank God she's free now. I urge Jaycee to walk and talk  proud cause you survived a horror few of us could imagine.

Jaycee didn't say it in her book but I did a sign of the cross at the end of the book that these people were finally discovered and locked away.

Because I don't care that Jaycee's little girls were his children. I believe that came the time he'd start attacking them to a horror as well.

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