Why I Am Quitting the Republican Party; More political

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Why I Am Quitting the Republican Party; More Political

I wish the Republican party nothing but the best of luck. I'm pretty sure that Mitt Romney will be the presidential nominee of the GOP for 2012. I have every intention of voting for Mittens but I'm not all that happy about it.

For today's Republican party is too entrenched a part of this country's self-made political class and my efforts, along with millions of others, have been totally unsuccessful at moving them off of that dime.

Today's Republican party, yon ladies and gems, is just not for me. But do not cry for the GOP Argentina, because they are as happy to see me go out the door as I am to leave.

See, they despise the likes of me.

Oh they want my vote, and the votes of millions of others who consider themselves Tea Party activists. Beyond that they see us stupid pitchfork carrying rubes who simply do not have a clue.

They reach across the aisle with hands topped by perfectly polished nails. Head hairs do not move from their appointed places as the work with the opposition party and refuse to fight back at the absurd accusations and insults.

They pee upon our feet and tell us it's raining as they pat us on the heads and tell us that only moderates can win elections, that true conservatives are too extreme for the American populace. Yet we ponder Bob Dole and John McCain, Gerald Ford and a litany of others who were considered moderates. Who did NOT win! George W. Bush barely won his election, as we all remember the Florida debacle, and while Bush is considered a moderate, and, indeed, governed by reaching across the aisle so much he got stretch marks, Dubya did carry a certain Texas cred while John Kerry, a lackluster nothing burger who should have been creamed, almost beat him.

But we believed them and John McCain passed that Campaign Finance Reform act and wow, we were just so impressed. That was a piece of legislation we'd all been losing sleep over, a stomp on our constitutional rights and we sleep better every night that McCain got it through by judicious reaches across the aisle. McCain wouldn't allow anyone in his surround to repeat Barack Obama's middle name for God's sake, hey guys, this is OUR side .

I'm from Delaware and we finally got sick of Mike Castle as he merrily pretended to be a Republican and voted Democrat and every year we were told we'd have to tolerate him just one more year. Next thing we know, he's not only NOT resigning from America's House, the guy wanted a promotion to the Senate. Christine O'Donnell ran against him and primaried him outta there and our own side mocked us and ridiculed us because the Blue Blood GOP will reach happily across the aisle to the opposition party but will rip off the head of their own base and crap down the bloody neck stumps should anyone threaten their ersatz power.

Whatever anyone thought of Christine O'Donnell, we were voting AGAINST Mike Castle as much as anything, and we'd been complaining about him for years. It's not as if the Delaware Blue Blood GOP didn't have a clue as to what was coming down is what I'm saying here.

Last week I went to the monthly Sussex county Republican meeting in my position as EDC of my community. Guess who the Delaware Republican party nominated to represent ME at the Republican national convention? MIKE CASTLE!

It's ok. I walked out and resigned my position immediately. Go with me, nobody's begging me to come back. In fact, the Republicans wish all the Tea Party nut jobs would shut up and vote Republican or shut up and go away. Today's Republican party. Just this past week, the mild-mannered Orin Hatch of Utah, currently challenged by a Tea Party type, said he wasn't going to walk away from "his" job and would punch anyone in the nose who tried to make him. He really said this!

I've every intention of voting for Mitt in this election. I'm at a point where I'd have to think seriously whether to vote for Satan over Obama so once again I must pick the lesser of two evils that the Blue Blood GOP have dished up for me.

I will register as an Independent but know how to change party affiliation for such as voting for certain candidates in primaries. I will probably ever be closer to the Republican party than the Democrat party, goodness there's a political party that's reverted to Communists and Socialists and anti-Americanists.

While I lambaste the Democratic party, and say a prayer for was what once a proud party considered the party of the working man, I don't think for a second that the elected Republicans of the appropriate eras didn't know a thing about that joke of giving mortgages to everyone who had some kind of pulse, never mind a job, to collapse the housing market and harm so many. I am to think that the likes of McCain, Hatch, Luger….knew nudthing?

I don't believe that the Republicans were in the dark about the behind-the-scenes redistribution of wealth to include that stupid black farmer thing, I'd bet those same "farms" that the Republicans knew that Planned Parenthood was funneling money made from abortions back to the Democrat party, I will never believe those same Republicans had no clue about the existence of ACORN.

I suspect that there were many years of backroom deals being made that had so much going on that was so wrong, so evil. Why didn't they ever get photo-ID for voting? This is a winning issue; Americans use photo ID for everything, even shopping at BJ's for God's sake. Why didn't they stop public funding for public TV in an age when cable TV channels offer over 800 channels and growing?
I'll tell you why. They whispered and shook hands and said they wouldn't bring up that bit about photo ID if you vote in my pet pork project that will get me elected again.  Thus when the Dems want to steal an election, it's so much easier when their operatives can vote multiple times, even when dead!

They are now entrenched, these Blue Blood Republicans, and Mitt Romney is part of them.

Which is not to say that Mitt Romney can't be a good President, not at all. Thanks to lefty Obama and his hatred of America, this country is leaning right. It was Thomas Jefferson who came up with the concept of "countervaling forces", the notion that America will survive as much from the country's diversity and the tendency of the populace to keep the nation on the proverbial even keel. If the national ideal ology goes too far left, which is the case now, the citizenry will rise up and pull it back to the right.

But we've got a political class up there in DC that might upset this concept of countervaling forces that Jefferson had so correct. Because they've got their baby smooth hands clenched tightly on their power and it's difficult to get them out of there, even via elections, as is the plan. That selfish babe up in Alaska got herself put back in power by some kind of write-in vote. Hatch is gonna punch people in the nose who dare question his right to his position. Mike Castle was shamefully pushed out and still they nominate him to represent Delaware at the Republican national convention.

Maybe Romney will rise to the occasion. One can hope.

Because Romney is the last of the RINOS. This is my prediction.


If Romney should once again govern by the RINO vaunted methodology of reaching across the aisle, slapping and spitting on the party's base as he does so, there will rise, tall, proud and mighty, a third party. It will be, of course, the Tea Party. The Blue Blood Republican party will have to survive without the Tea Party types and hey, maybe there will be enough disaffected Democrats to fill the empty slots.

Millions of the disenchanted who carry this country on their backs will join me. I've seen Mike Castle thrown out, I've seen a mighty base tear apart and re-organize the Republican party here in Sussex county, Delaware. I know it can happen and I know there are plenty of people out there just waiting, just waiting, hoping.

Let Romney , as I predict he will do, reach some kind of compromise on Obamacare, maybe do away with the mandate and maybe the death panels, but he will, I suspect based on Romneycare before him, institute Obamacare lite. His fellow Blue Blood GOP cohorts in America's House of Lords will help such an action along for they need their pork, they need their power, they deserve it, damn it, and will punch anyone in the nose wanting to take it away from them.

For it's never about US, the citizenry, or America and it's greater good. With this entrenched political class, it is at a no-turning-back point that is ALWAYS, ….ALWAYS….about them.

May I be wrong. May Mitt Romney open his eyes and steer this ship of state straight, all in a direction of individual freedom, liberty and to a course that would allow every American to succeed based on his or her talent, hard work and perseverance.

If this does not happen, the citizenry will rise up to take back their country because we are Americans and this is how it works in America.

Miscellaneous Political Notes

Oh my goodness I've so enjoyed this Obama administration and their goofs these past few weeks that I smile many hours in the bemusement.

First, heh, how about that stupid thing with that Democratic operative calling Ann Romney a lazy burger who never worked a day in her life?

Folks, it's not about Ann Romney. Although Ann Romney seems like a nice enough person and she has, the malicious Democrats forgot, fought MS and breast cancer. It's about the millions of American women who stay home and raise their children. One of these woman is my daughter and with just one child she works harder in one day than I did with one child and a busy full time job.

Raising five boys has got to be a job and what a slap in the face the Democrats got into, this while they were accusing the Republicans of waging some kind of mythical war on women!

Because it's about these women who carry this country on their backs, even those who work outside the home but would love to be a stay-at-home Mom. It's about those millions of women who are raising the citizens and soldiers of tomorrow and how clueless are these Democrats to have started that mud-slinging?

And dear Lord the situation with the dogs has me howling with laughter.

The Obama people, dim desperate bulbs all, go after Romney for an incident with his dog some thirty years. According to the lore, that springs from a recounting of a family trip by Mittens himself, because the family car was so crowded with those five kids Ann Romney never worked for, they rigged up some kind of animal carrier and strapped the family pooch on the roof of the car.

Folks, I'd never, nor would most Americans, strap the family dog to the roof of the car, no matter how the carrier was modified to make the pup comfortable. I heard the story and thought it was a dumb thing to do but the dog survived and I must suppose a car would be crowded with five kids, two adults, and a nervous pooch added might be prohibitive.  I suppose the Romneys loved their dog and this action was the norm for their largish family.  The concept of strapping a dog to the roof of the car gives me pause.  I know my dog would not like that one bit.  But the dog did live what was a happy life so there you have it

The Republican party, in a move that delighted me no end, did some research. Turns out that Obama ONCE ATE DOG!

The jokes write themselves. AT LEAST ROMNEY DIDN'T EAT HIS DOG!

Oh the Obama loser-burgers were so cool, showing pics of Bo riding in the backseat of a limousine and smugly saying that THIS is how the Obamas transport their pet pooch.

We must ask, is this a refrigerated limousine to lead Bo to the slaughterhouse. We ponder, better to ride on a roof and NOT be eaten than to travel in luxury to be the main course at a later date.

They're desperate, people. Because Obama is down in the polls, this early in the election year, to Romney, by five to eight points. Gasoline prices rise and Obama's secret service people buy prostitutes in South America then refuse to pay them, his GSA has grand parties in Hawaii featuring mind readers and clowns. It's only going to get worse for Obama.

America does not like Obama, ignore those stupid polls that say his "likeability" factor is so high. Every judge on American Idol to The Voice to America's Got to Talent, even down to our own working lives that has us supervising folks….all of them, comes the time to let them go for a job NOT well done, begin the sad job with the lament of how "Likeable" the hapless about-to-be-fired is.

We hope that Romney rises to full leadership and doesn't settle in for some lame four years of protecting that RINO political elite in congress.

But they are the ones who rammed Romney down our throats so how likely is that?

THEN it will be time for the Tea Party to rise and take this country back. If for nothing else, this fact will be Romney's historical claim to fame.

It's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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