Dancing With the Stars 2012-Latin Dances and an Old Pal Sent Home

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There's eight dancers left on Dancing With the Stars Spring 2012 and Roshon Fegan is tied for third in the overall judges' scores. He's a perfectly delightful dancer to watch, he is, of course, quite young. Yet he's been in the bottom two on two separate nights now and I've got to wonder why.

Gavin, the celebrity dancer who finally got the boot during the last elimination round as of this writing, 4/17/12, has been down at the bottom of the pile for many weeks before. Yet the prior week Gavin was not at the bottom of the pile but instead Roshon was one of the bottom two, this with a handsome score of 26 for a Viennese Waltz.

It was Erkel who fell to the bottom two, alongside Gavin, this past week. Jaleel White had a "dance off" against Gavin. White was eons beyond Gavin in talent that the judges did the normal and sent Gavin packing.

Below a video compilation of the performance round this past week, the theme being Latin routines.

Roshon was adorable this past week, doing a campy imitation of sexy William Levy that was tongue-in-cheek cute.

Maria Menounos is doing everything she can to make the world believe that she and professional dancing partner Derek Hough are an item though I'm not falling for it. Derek is more likely to fall for William Levy than Maria but so fool us.

William Levy did an Argentine Tango and was granted an almost perfect score. Levy is a sexy Latino, even with that improbably name, and he said he didn't want to be the only Latino going home on Latin night. Levy's a good dance and I see him in the top three easily. He is very sexy as well.
Last season's DWS winner-J.R. Martinez

Gladys Knight continues to dance as her weight and age will allow and only Melissa Gilbert has a lower overall score than Knight. I don't expect she'll be around much longer. The American public is keeping her hanging in there because...well, she's Gladys Knight.

Katherine Jenkins continues to be the board leader, the beauty whose dancing mesmerizes. In overall score Katherine beats the second place William Levy by five big points in terms of judges' scores.

My guess for the top five right now, in order, are:

1-Katherine Jenkins
2-William Levy
3-Donald Driver
4-Maria Menounos
5-Roshon Fegan

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