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Oh my goodness it's time for another America's Got Talent series and time for weird and fun.

Indeed I do like this reality talent show which as often as not has a singer as its winner.

As of this writing I've watched two AGTshows and it might seem impossible, but so far this year AGT features some of the weirdest talent yet.

It would seem that AGT is settling into its niche in terms of reality talent shows. With the rise of The Voice, Duets and X Factor, a show featuring talent that isn't quite singing has a happening niche that AGT can slip right into.

And talent that's out there is what is being offered this year.

The first weird of weird "act" of this season is the fellow who, dear Lord in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, has a team of people beat him in his gonads with all manner of stuff.

In one case his team held a cinder block brick in the center of his groin then proceeded to break it, yes right into that very sensitive part of his manhood.

In order to show the world that he wasn't wearing any kind of steel jockstrap or some such, evidently his scrotum was completely hanging out as that area was blurred for the viewing audiences. Also, Nick Cannon came out and he repeatedly kicked this guy in the groin, something that couldn't have been rehearsed.

The contender with gonads of steel said he had two daughters so, heh, well one of the judges commented that he'd likely have no more.

Goodness, what kind of entertaining act is this? The cameras panned the arena from judges to host Nick to the audience and everyone was wincing, I mean come on, this sort of thing hurts to even watch.

Anyway, a short video clip of it below.

Amazingly he was passed through to become, I dunno, the million dollar winner.? Soon all of America will be lining up eagerly to watch the guy get beat in the nuts, excuse my language.

Also we had a 7 year old rapper named, get this, Mir Money. He got x'd by Howard Stern and to allow a big demonstration of pathos over the anguish of sending a young child so proud of his skill packing. The child, almost on command you should excuse my veiled accusation, began to cry. The audience ooh's and aaah's, Stern proclaims he's not cut out for this sort of thing, and it's almost pathetic.

This was obviously done for the benefit of the viewers. That child, cute though he was, should never even have been allowed on stage. But hey, they're drumming up interest in the serious talent and competition to come. Plus Stern needed a little more exposure.

On a more possible note, there was a group of cloggers that were very original. Another fellow claimed to make musical instruments out of anything and, indeed, he somehow managed to make a musical instrument out of the very theater of the performance.

There were the dog acts, many dance and performance groups and there will be many more before the show settles down and moves on to the Las Vegas area to decide the winner.

It's good fun, AGT, and I look forward to the very strange things Americans will do when the gauntlet is cast.

As for Howard Stern, I think he's a very good addition to the judge's panel and will probably steal the spotlight soon enough.

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