Fashion Star 2012 Has a Winner Both Contender and in TV Fashion Show Format

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So NBC's new entry into the world of fashion has ended and Kara, as I predicted, is the winner.

In an unusual twist, and an amazing one, viewers can purchase these fashions online, something you'd never see on Project Runway.

As I've also said many times on this Blog, I really enjoyed this rendition of a fashion show though I'm very aware of the commercial overload on the show.

First of all, all of the mentors of the contenders have fashion lines of their own. At various points they got some valuable free commercial time as their fashion offerings were paraded down the runway.

John Varvatos, Jessica Simpson and Nicole Ritchie were the three mentors on the show. Their presence and duties on the show were a bit muddled from this viewers perspective. They did, mostly, eh, MENTOR the contenders and for their labors they got their own fashion show for us viewers, somewhat fooled one might argue.

It was mostly the buyers who had the power of judging on this series. Three stores, Saks, Macy's and H andM had buyers who either purchased the offerings by the contenders or rejected them flatly. The contenders who made no sales during an episode were up for elimination. At that point, the mentors would save one of the contenders in danger of elimination.

It was the buyers who chose the contender to be sent home, make no mistake about this, and it was the buyers who chose the winner.

That winner, Kara, was the best designer of them all and she deserved to win. Kara is a lesbian, which she freely admits, not that anyone much cares, and has possibly the most unique hairstyle on the planet.

The fashion design contender chosen by the buyers is expected to create a fashion line for each of the three stores.

Kara's fashion line can be seen at the NBC site for this show and interested fashion mavens can buy some if so desired.

Let me end this little story with mine own fashion design story that mentally makes me smile. And if I can't write about it on my own Blog, then where?

For my church has a fashion show every year. The lady in charge of the fashion show asked me to be a model and go on….of all the things I'd ever thought I'd be doing in my life, being a fashion model would be way at the bottom of my list.

First, let's get this out of the way, I wear a size 18. Understand that I freely admit to be a fashion aficionado and even at my heftier size I do try and look orderly and matched.

I don't know what I was thinking but when asked I accepted, pointing out that I was no Twiggy. "Oh they use plus size fashion models all the time," the fundraiser lady stated.

Today I went for my fitting and it was nothing like Fashion Star or Project Runway. "You need to pick a casual outfit and a dressy outfit using the clothes available on this side of the store."

The store sponsoring this fashion show is Coldwater Creek, by the way, of mail order catalogue fame.

I was stopped short. I am to pick out my own outfits! That's not how it's done on Project Runway!

Still I was up to the task.

I chose a pair of beige pants and paired it with a turquoise top. I tried them on, they fit fine, and upon showing my choices to lady in charge, she picked out a big turquoise bag and picked some jewelry for me. I asked for a jacket, sweater of some sort as I always do. One was obtained and I must say I looked cool.

"How do you feel about cropped pants?" the lady asked. Well I love cropped pants and so stated. A pair of white pants with a white top was obtained. A bolero type vest, purple, was paired with the outfit. The lady got me a turquoise necklace...well hey, it was a jolt against the purple and white but I liked it. Somebody fished around and got me a turquoise bracelet and I looked very fashionable, in fact.

The fashion show is in two weeks and I've never walked a runway. I must match the outfits myself with earrings and shoes but I've got a plan.

Wish me luck.

As for NBC's Fashion Star series, I like it and look forward to its return.

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