Duets 2012-New Singing Reality Competition Show. How Does It Compare to the Many Others of the Genre?

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Let me begin this right now by saying that while I've already watched two episodes of this competitive reality series I have no idea how it works.

I do know that of the eight contenders, they have fallen in some sort of order from one through eight but I don't know who voted that in, or how.

Checking the show's web site. I do know that there are four singers: Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Jennifer Nettles and Robin Thicke , who were charged with scouring the nation to find two contenders who would sing with them until one was left. The contender left would win a contract with a record company but it's not clear if that contender will have any further relationship with the celebrity singing partner who selected them.

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Kelly Clarkson is the first American Idol and she's been quite successful these some eleven years since. Jennifer Nettles is the female singer in the group Sugarland and has possibly one of the prettiest female voices on the planet. Robin Thicke is a singer though I've no idea what he sings. He's cute, has hair styled like the icon for Bob's Big Boy and his father is probably more well known than him, Alan Thicke. John Legend is also a fairly well known singer.

So it's not as if there are unknowns leading the duets though an argument could be made that these are singers greatly in need of a career boost.

Jennifer Nettles is evidently looking to branch out from her Sugarland perch so the exposure is good for her.

Robin Thicke, well he needs any exposure at all as I've never heard of him. Same with John Legend although I have heard of him.

Somehow, the contenders, two each chosen by the celebrity singers, are "rated" and their standing from one to eight is listed. It's not at all clear if the celebrity singers are rating or the audience is rating or even if the TV viewers are phoning in their votes.

Below is a video snippet of a Duet act.

I find the duets entertaining though without the contest element I don't think I'd sit and watch this show.

In short, yon ladies and gems, let me get back to you about this show.

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