True Crime 2012-Zimmerman's Bail Revoked, Torture by Sesame Street, "Police! Drop That Big Gulp!"

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Oh please.

Seriously folks, somebody needs to stop that awful man posing as a human being Mayor of New York. Name is Bloomberg or some such. Depending on the weather, he might be a Republican or an Independent. It doesn't much matter, his one goal in life is to control our lives, including everything we put into our body, dear Lord the man needs to go.

I understand that the citizens of New York aren't quite right, the ones left there definitely not the very rich or successful, those sorts having long ago moved away from oppressive taxes to Florida. Many of them have been schooled in the NY public education system, God Bless.

But even THIS outrage by Bloomberg has got to have them up in arms.

It's not that the act of pouring 64 ounces of a sugary drink down your gullet isn't the smartest action on earth. But stupidity can't be legislated out of existence and we don't need a bunch of elected elite thinking they need to set us morons straight.

It's not unlike the liberals silly action on gun control. MAKE GUNS ILLEGAL, they demand. Of course guns don't go away, they are then just owned by the actual criminals.

It's not like beating on 7-11 and their Big Gulps will eliminate sugary drinks. People will just buy TWO 32 ounce drinks or better yet, hide them from the gubmint in their own homes where then they might gulp down 100 ounces in joy from freedom from Bloomberg's crushing legislation.

George Zimmerman's Constant Torment Goes On. Now His Bail's Been Revoked.

Calling back George Zimmerman from his hiding spot for lying about his financial situation during his bail hearing was quite a surprise.

According to the judge issuing the revocation, Zimmerman had almost $150,000 in a Paypal account that they didn't reveal during the questioning about his financial situation. The judge asserts that because Zimmerman is unemployed he got a lower bond amount than would have been given had those extra funds been known.

Now there was a web site set up for the legal aid of George Zimmerman and it likely did get a lot of contributions. I mean it's not like this is some sort of legal trial or anything, what with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson using it to boost their visibility, that awful President of America getting on TV calling Trayvon his ersatz son which shouldn't be something Presidents get involved in.

I suspect that Zimmerman thought the Paypal money would be his to use for living expenses because go with me here, the Black Panthers put out a call for Zimmerman's head and George and his wife had to move from their home. It's not like George Zimmerman wouldn't have fear for his safety is what I'm saying here.

There was also some confusion about an unrevealed passport. Turns out that Zimmerman had a passport that he thought he'd lost and he applied for another one. That passport was subsequently found and I suppose Zimmerman didn't notify anyone that he had it. Zimmerman's attorney compares this to losing your driver's license then finding it later after obtaining a new one and not turning the old one back in.

Now I don't know if that's the truth of the story but it is the sort of thing people don't think of any consequence. Whatever the case, Zimmerman did turn in his duplicate passport and he DID return promptly to jail when summoned by the judge.

As for the money, again, it's a bit confusing. It's not like any of these incidental events are cut and dried and blatant flipping the bird at the law. From my vantage point, it continues to look like the persecution of George Zimmerman instead of a fair trial.

Heh. Even funnier, I can't believe this article quoted the very intelligent and unobjective legal opinions of Trayvon's parents:
Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Trayvon Martin's parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, said his clients have always said Zimmerman should remain in jail until trial, which O'Mara said he believed wouldn't be until next year.
Well damn, go on. They "always said" that Zimmerman should remain in jail until trial, constitution and applicable laws be damned.

This case will go nowhere but best to get Zimmerman crossing all T's and dotting all I's. Cause Sharpton, Jackson and the Black Panthers are after poor old George Zimmerman with Trayvon's parents leading the legal charge.

Teacher Gives Out Bogus Award to Student

This story was all the rage a week or so ago and it did make me laugh.

Seems Ms. Plowman gave her student, Cassandra Garcia, a mock award for having the most excuses for not handing in her homework.

Goodness you could hear the howling across the fruited plains, included some nothing-burger Psychologists who simply had to use this opportunity to talk about bullying and psychological damage.

Problem here is that little has been revealed about just how often little Cassandra has some ham-handed excuse for not having her homework. If it is a rare or seldom occurrence than the absurd award serves no purpose.

But let's suppose that Cassandra is coming in with an excuse for not having her homework say maybe on average once a week.

In that case, this rather mild reprimand of a smile and a gentle slap is the perfect antidote.

And given that Ms. Plowman just gave Cassandra this little award when she obviously has an entire class of students I got to lean toward the concept of little Cassandra maybe over doing her excuses cause why would Ms. Plowman pick out only little Cassandra?

Which brings the point as to how come for all her griping, Cassandra's mother never self-righteously proclaims that her daughter only missed turning in her homework once or twice in a year or some other sort of defense parents would be making if Cassandra were all that innocent?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Terrorists Tortured By….Sesame Street?

This sounds made up almost but evidently it's true.

Prisoners were forced to put on headphones. They were attached to chairs, headphones were attached to their heads, and they were left alone just with the music for very long periods of time. Sometimes hours, even days on end, listening to repeated loud music.”

In fact, using music to drive prisoners of war nuts is nothing new.
The Huffington Post reports that other songs torturers have used on their victims have included Metallica’s ”Enter Sandman” and Drowning Pool’s “Bodies,” both of which were used in the same way as Sesame Street at Guantanamo Bay.

I think killing them by flying drones as is the very brave Obama method to be much more humane.

Photographer Takes a Beating from...Justin Bieber?

So some girly man photographer got a beating from Justin Bieber? Heh.

What a resume-enhancer that is.

TMZ broke the story ... Bieber's a suspect for allegedly committing criminal battery against a photog in Calabasas Sunday afternoon. The photog called 911 after the scuffle, but by the time cops arrived, the singer had split.

The War On Unborn Females

You got to love Planned Parenthood, an organization that can't get enough abortions, it's abortions all the time, every day, abortions on demand, abortions for any reason.

Kickbacks given to the Democrat party, of course.

So when Live Action presented a video of a young woman seeking an abortion if her child were determined by ultrasound to be a female, Planned Parenthood says BUT OF COURSE!

And they say the Republicans are waging a war on women!

Since the initial revelation of the astounding gender based abortion the liberals/Democrats have doubled down, they're sticking to their guns.

"Of course you can abort the unborn child should it be of a gender you don't desire," they shouted and, of course, they had to say that.

Silly legislation with good intentions to ban gender-based abortion are a waste of time. If I'm looking to abort my unborn child of a gender I do not desire, were such a thing illegal, well I'd certainly never admit it. In that instance I'd just say I wasn't ready for a child at this time cause since when is the reason WHY you want an abortion part of obtaining one? Since never, that's when.

And yet my common sense antennae is that this concept gives most Americans pause. Cause there's something to be said for slippery slopes that will soon have us aborting babies with undesirable brown eyes and hey, how many homosexual babies might be torn from wombs and how popular would this be?

It's a slippery slope and in the end it will lead to nothing good except more Democrats in office and that's not good.

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