Jenny McCarthy, 7 Men and 7 Women Seek Love in the Wild for 2012

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So while Bachelorette Emily is picking and choosing from a bevy of handsome dudes, NBC begins its romance/finding true love show "Love in the Wild". It's a combination Bachelor Pad and Survivor and it's a bit of a hoot. Not sure if I'll follow it all that closely but judging by the first episode it might be worth watching.

This is only the second year for this show and there's been a few changes. The hostess with the biggest boobs in an exotic setting Jenny McCarthy is the show's hostess.

The series has an interesting method of coupling contenders up. The premiere episode had an especially intriguing method.

Seven females were introduced. Seven males were introduced. The females chose their male partners for the first challenge. Then, to everyone's surprise, seven more males entered the scene. The females again had to pick a male partner. The result was seven females each partnered with two males.

Then comes the challenge and there are many facets to the challenge. In this challenge the goal was to find three conch shells. In order to do so, supplies were dropped out of a helicopter into the ever-present beautiful blue ocean.

The challenge begins and one member of the trio must swim out and retrieve the packet of supplies.

Each packet of supplies included directions and items to aid in the challenge. Much of the show has the viewers watching the trios fulfill the items in the challenge. One part of the challenge had the female of the team dropping down into a snake pit.

Right there I'm stopped in shock. Now what they were showing on TV was a whole bunch of vicious snakes, many of them upright, weaving and showing mouths and scary fangs.

So okay, what's the catch here? Have all the snakes had their poison sacks removed? Or are all the snakes non-poisonous and just look nasty?

Come on, surely….SURELY they wouldn't have the contenders drop into a pit filled with poisonous snakes?

Well yeah, that's what was shown on the camera. Those females were lowered into the pit by her two male partners and she had to dig in the sand, sand covered with a bunch of nasty, threatening snakes mind you, for a conch shell.

The rules had the winning team would stay in luxurious accommodations. The second, third and fourth stayed in nice accommodations. Fifth and sixth place would be staying in "rugged" conditions. Jenny says she could not even describe the accommodations for the trio coming in last place.

And indeed the trios who came in the first four places stayed in perfectly nice cabins or in the case of the winner, a grand luxury suite. Contender Summer and her two male partners came in first place.

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Fifth and six place stayed in small tents. It was a tight fit and certainly would be considered rugged. The loser, contender Ali, has to sleep in some kind of lean-to type of thing that was horrible, as was the intent.

The contenders then spend time mingling and getting to know each other. They gather and converse at the show's poolside and viewers get to see the flirtations, the various attractions. In solo camera vignettes, the contenders would reveal their sentiments about other opposite-sex contenders and their own partners during the challenge.

As with most of these romance shows, there is always a finale, a culmination that would have various contenders picking, choosing and/ore rejecting each other.

This episode had the female of each trio choose one of her two team mates to keep and to reject the other. The rejected fellow had to go and stand in the "unmatched" section. Summer, the winner, was the only one who could choose any fellow in the room. She did not have to choose a partner for the next challenge from her own trio.

It begins to be like a game of ring around the rosey as men are rejected, sent to the reject pool, chosen by another female contender.

In the end seven male-female teams emerged, ready for the next challenge and getting to know each other under extreme conditions that, as the theory goes, reveals personal flaws quicker and clearer than a more mundane date would.

In the first episode with seven firm female and male contenders then established, things got serious.
The couples now were:
Jenny and Ben

The challenge was kind of fun to watch, as they all are. There was jumping into lagoons from extremely high cliffs, catching birds with a makeshift net, and reading maps in the pouring rain.

First place-Ali.
Last place-Jenny.

At the couples ceremony two were sent home.

We'll be watching this series and posting regular updates so check in.

Love in the Wild can be viewed on NBC on Tuesday nights at 9pm.

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