Hell's Kitchen 2012-Review: Contenders Cook, Ramsay Yells; More Snark.

Hell's Kitchen on Fox began its tenth season this early June.

Ten seasons! That's very long for a reality series and it boggles the mind that a reality cooking show with the same plot and dynamic has survived for ten years. I am to understand that Fox has renewed Hell's Kitchen for another two years.

Hell's Kitchen was nominated for a People's Choice award for best reality series.

Just damn.


I've been watching too much Hell's kitchen.

Because that's all the man does is cuss and the contenders do their share of cussing. But contenders come and go while Gordon Ramsay is always on the job.

Below, a synopsis of a Hell's Kitchen episode:

Contenders drug out of bed, told to report to kitchen.

Ramsay gives them a personal challenge, usually based on some kind of guest star, maybe grill an item if Bobby Flay were the guest.

While the contenders are prepping the dish, Ramsay talks to them. If he doesn't like something they're doing, he cusses. If he finds something bad in the final product he cusses. If the contender is too slow or dumb, he cusses.

Then comes the dinner service in Hell's Kitchen. I know there is an area of New York called Hell's Kitchen. I do think there is a restaurant called Hell's Kitchen but I think it's in Los Angeles.

The contenders are usually divided into teams, a red team and a blue team. Each team is responsible for providing a dinner service for Hell's Kitchen, usually different halves of the entire restaurant.

A meal comes out too late….Ramsay cusses.

A scallop is too tough...Ramsay cusses.

Meat is overcooked...Ramsay cusses.

Meat is undercooked...Ramsay cusses.

A contender doesn't clean the work space...Ramsay cusses.

When the meal service is done, Ramsay cusses.

When the contenders complain about other contenders, Ramsay cusses.

And so yon ladies and gems, that's how each and every Hell's Kitchen show goes, it never varies, the amount of cussing is way beyond anything normal people do.

I will not watch Hell's Kitchen ever again. I love cooking reality shows, but I've had enough cussing to last a lifetime.

My advice is for yon reader to watch Hell's Kitchen if yon reader really likes cussing.

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