Nat'l Politics 2012-Fast and Furious-Complete Detail; What Will Happen if Romney Governs as a Rino

I was going to begin this national political post with a happening and astute editorial about my theory of Romney should he govern like a RINO (Republican in Name Only). But later on this.

This week President Obama claimed executive privilege as pertains to the Justice Department known as Fast & Furious.

I've kept up with this debacle of our dysfunctional justice department closely and folks, this is not your mother's Watergate.

First of all, Watergate was a nothing-burger of a story but it happened in an era when the only access to mass coverage was the lying Lamestream. Even if you disagree and consider Watergate to have been one of the major scandals of our time, there's no denying one pertinent fact: NOBODY DIED DURING WATERGATE!

Because one American border guard died during Fast and Furious and some 200 plus Mexicans lost their lives, all by guns shipped to Mexico drug lords from our own justice department.

They had a plan. Like every plan this administration hatches, it was hare-brained. Remember please that Eric Holder, the WORST Attorney General this country has ever had, was the guy who was going to bring all the inmates at Camp Gitmo up to New York to try them in an American court. Even the Democrats howled and caterwauled over that not-so-brilliant idea. Not that the fact that the law firm Holder is affiliated with represented alleged terrorists captured by our military had anything to do with that attempt, perish the thought.

The idea was for guns to be shipped by the Bureau of Tobacco,Firearms, etc. and arrangements to be made to deliver them to Mexican drug cartels. This concept was began, in a fashion, under the W. Bush justice department, then called "Wide Receiver". It was a way to track Mexican drug gangs that were buying American guns to keep in their dangerous business. Under Dubya, guns were offered for sale to Mexican drug gangs. Once a representative of a drug lord showed up to pick up the guns, a sting was made. It also was intended to capture American gun dealers selling guns to Mexicans. Wide Receiver was a sting operation co-ordinated with Mexico and the whole thing was stopped once it was determined the whole thing was too dangerous and with too many loopholes that tracking it was not worth the results.

You can believe, however, that the Democrats are out and about and saying, as I hold my arms high in that manner of a conductor leading the group…."BUSH DID IT"!

Just like the Bush administration operated a homeland security department or exported illegal aliens, the Bush administration ran government operations and the sale of American guns to Mexican drug lords was a problem. The Bush administration had absolutely nothing to do with this current Fast & Furious scheme. Please don't let the liars get away with it.

Fast & Furious was a cockamamie idea hatched by- well hell I'm a Blogger and speculation is my forte-I'm guessing it was something Valerie Jarrett, Obamer himself and probably Eric Holder, who came up with the idea.

See, the communists and liberals-but I repeat myself- do not want Americans to have guns. Citizens with guns are less able to be oppressed by those who want to control than citizens WITH guns. Duh.

The best actions to take away the guns of those rabid Americans involve a good public relations scandal. The attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan was the backdrop of the last great successful attempt to disarm America. John Brady was shot in the head during that incident and America was shocked and horrified.

The Democrats, not a political party known for preserving the constitution and with little common sense, used the public horror to push through the Brady bill, an attempt at gun control that turned the term "assault rifle" into something it's not.

The idea was, using the public relations model, to ship guns to Mexico under the guise of yet another well-intentioned justice department attempt to stop American guns from flowing into Mexico. As these things go in Mexico, sooner or later some bad guys, AND some innocent Mexican citizens, would get killed with these American guns.

That's when NBC would be summoned to capture the tears of the mother sobbing over the loss of her little bambino due to those nasty American guns, why can't America control its guns she screams. Sobs. Drama. Sound and sight bytes.

The communists/liberals, they don't govern by reason. They govern by emotion. Liberals love their emotions and sure enough they'll demand that America control the guns by, well I don't know, they'd come up with some new gambit, maybe require that gun-buying Americans must report to the local gun bureaucracy-much like Monty Python's Bureau of Funny Walks- and show that they still have the gun they bought and it's not in Mexico. See, every obstacle you put up for buying a gun the less Americans will want to bother. Then, boom, the communists/liberals can take over the country without bother of the nastys with guns.

It was modeled roughly after the Wide Receiver idea but with a twist. For once the BATFE arranged for American gun dealers around Arizona to get these allegedly marked guns that would track who got them.

Gun dealers, wanting to stay in business and everything and mostly law-abiding citizens, were getting these guns and noting the serial numbers as required. The dealers were trying to track to whom the guns were sold but BAFTE agents were telling them not to bother, to go ahead and sell the guns to the Mexicans who wanted to buy them.

It was an insane idea, wrought with possible failures. Sure enough a BATFE agent became a whistle-blower, much because of the Arizona gun dealers who didn't want to get into trouble for selling these guns to what they knew were thugs.

Then an American border agent, Brian Terry, was killed by what was determined to be one of those guns used for Fast  and Furious.

It was a whistle-blower in the department of justice who brought this matter to the attention of congress. Congress, being an arm of the U.S. government with as much power as the Supreme Court and presidency, acted, in the form of Darrell Issa, chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

He did what he was supposed to do and did not, as is the case with many Republicans who've been in D.C. too long with a concurrent loss of testicular fortitude as the years progress, ignore the tricky issue that would have the New York Times lambasting them for daring to question their hero, Barack Obama.

Eric Holder, that magnificent Attorney General whose first action on the job was to excoriate Americans who had just elected a black president as being too cowardly to discuss race matters, was called before the House oversight committee and he lied like a rug each time he opened his mouth.

The oversight committee, with a Republican majority, threatened to slap Holder with the charge of lying before congress, much like they did with Roger Clemens, not that congress needs to get involved with baseball, dear lord, what with our justice department killing border agents and everything.

So out of the blue, Obama claims executive privilege.

I'll just not go into the legalities of executive privilege save to appeal to the common sense of yon readers. Come on. Congress is asking Eric Holder, the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, for information. What's this with the President asking for executive privilege?

It's like the cops go to arrest my next door neighbor and I go out and hire a lawyer. On the surface, it has nothing to do with nothing.

Which shocks because the logical conclusion is that the documents congress requests probably contain references to presidential involvement.

I suppose Obama could be claiming executive privilege to protect Eric Holder, goodness, but that's not what executive privilege is all about. Heck, Obama could give anybody executive privilege if the mood suits him using that concept.

This is not Watergate, ladies and gems. It's nowhere near as mild as Watergate. An American died because of Fast & Furious, maybe two as is speculated.

Even the Lamestream media can't ignore this atrocity.

What Will Happen if Romney Governs Like a Rino

I've been speculating right along about Mitt Romney and the problems so many conservative types have with his candidacy.

See, us boobs out here in la-la land who carry this country on our backs, have gotten tired of Republicans we elect who do not represent us. My own former representative in America's House, Mike Castle, is a good example.

Instead of working to present their case, or standing on conservative principles, too many elected Republicans become Democrats light.

We got sick of it here in Delaware and threw Castle out, God bless Sussex county, home of the free, the brave, the neanderthals who dared to toss he who was so deserving of a lifetime of sucking on the public teat without even representing us properly.

We call them RINOs, Republicans in Name Only.

It was a contentious GOP primary battle, featuring Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum. One by one they fell and Mitt Romney is now the likely Republican nominee and now we have no choice but to push his candidacy.

What's our alternative? Obama? Please.

So we bite our fingernails out here in la-la land and believe that here in the swamps of Delaware we are not at all happy about Romney, who instituted a public health insurance mandate if only on a state level, whose record is checkered with very liberal positions, whose known the world over as an expert at flip-flopping.

I predict something and want to record my prediction right here, for posterity, on my own Blog which will probably be disallowed should Obama get re-elected because contrary opinions will likely be outlawed.

Us Tea Party types, we're still out here. We carry the country on our backs and we watch this election shape up with wary eyes. We will be watching Romney as he governs and we're not going to accept this reaching-across-the-aisle silly Maverick type mentality.

For lo these past few years there's been mentioned the formation of a third party but wiser heads prevailed. A third party, say, hmmm, The Tea Party, would only siphon off voters from the Republicans and would likely not change the dynamic of the RINOs who want cocktail party invites and nice mentions in the press, conservative citizens be damned.

I really think that if Romney starts reaching across the aisle, making ridiculous deals with the Democrats, oh...something like the stupid No Child Left Behind Act, well hey, Romney's got four years to govern.

If he reverts back to typical RINO behavior, you know that behavior perpetuated by Mumbles McConnell and dear lord that awful last Republican candidate John McCain, I believe that across the nations, in bastions such as Sussex county Delaware , disgruntled Republicans will begin to form a third party.

I believe this.

Because at some point you got to face facts. And the facts are we've got a political class in this country and RINOs are stellar members.

America doesn't have kings and elected politicians have no inborn right to keep their office.

God Bless America and its citizens. Because we will have four years to form our new party and hey, let the RINOs have their own party, good luck and God bless.

To those disturbed by Romney's candidacy and his history of being a RINO, take some cheer. We'll have plenty of time and we'll put an end to this political class.

Ending With a Smile

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