Wrapping Up Celebrity Apprentice, The Voice, Survivor-2012. Some great, some so-so, some awful.

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I can't imagine three reality shows as different from each other as the three which have been covered in this Blog for the duration during 2012.

Donald Trump began with a very successful reality series called The Apprentice. Once the thrill of that wore out Trump introduced The Celebrity Apprentice and this has been very successful as well.

The celebrity contenders play for charities which they specify at the beginning of each challenge. In addition, shown at the beginning of each CA episode there is shown a short vignette of the prior week's winner delivering the winning to check to the charity of their choice.

Some of the charities picked by these celebrities are weird. I recall a contender who had a charity that existed to help the people of Palestine. Say what? The people of Palestine have been living just fine on the largesse of the United Nations and neighboring Israel. This season there was at least onoe charity designated that somehow helped lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered, dear Lord, just dear Lord, what sort of financial help do these people need beyond that of a heterosexual?

Still and so it's kind of a standard for this sort of thing. It would be in very bad form for "celebrities" to be winning for their own presumably already wealthy selves.

I thought by the time I wrote this article that Celebrity Apprentice would already have its winner. Not so but this will still be my final post on the matter. I think Arsenio is going to win.

The Voice uses celebrities too. Four "famous" singers are put in the position of blindly choosing teams for amateur unknown singers to pit against the others' teams and to have one contender go on to win the entire contest.

The Voice will forever be most notable by my experience for having the absolute longest, the most grueling, the horror of watched pots never boiling…..ENDING!

At one point, I'm not making this up, there was a longish segment involving CeeLo and his cat!

The judge-singers sang their tunes solo, they sang their tunes with their chosen contenders/team mates, they sang their songs as a group. Guest singers including the child Justin Bieber finally sang his song they'd been hyping the entire season, did I mention Ceelo's cat?

The contender I chose to win, for no other godforesaken reason that I like him the best, was current opera singer Chris Mann. Mann came in fourth out of the final four featured in that endless finale. Tony Lucca, former mousekateer who I despised everything about, came in third, thank God for small favors. Juliet, a Janis Joplin wannabe and nowhere even close, was second place.

The winner of The Voice 2012 wasn't half bad. Jermaine Paul is the father of four kids, he had a good voice if a little wobbly from time to time. I just saw Jermaine perform on the Ellen DeGeneris show. He sang well and he was all along one of my favorites on The Voice. If my guy Mann couldn't win, I'd have chosen Jermaine to win without hesitation.

On to Survivor One World. I've been complaining about this reality series on every post so I'll stop.

This particular season was a bit interesting in that the series started with two tribes, each composed of all one sex. As the season ended there was one tribe left and it was composed of ALL WOMEN!

For the most part I'll probably never be a big Survivor fan. I find the challenges boring and all too similar, the austere basis of how the contenders live is not made clear, the drama of the contender interaction is too busy to follow. That host fellow is right boring as well.

Survivor One World was won by Kim Spradlin. I checked my track of the immunity, elimination and reward challenges and Kim did pretty much nothing of any great note except in late april she won the immunity challenge.

These types of shows do have a "jury", a panel of former contenders that come back when the show is down to under five and they decide who will win the prize. I must suppose Kim did a great job of keeping a low profile, hiding any great challenge she might have presented and I guess she was a nice sort in that by culling my notes I find nothing bad about her.

However great my joy for these three shows, or not, they did entertain me in some form or fashion if for no other reason, by providing fodder for these Blog posts.

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