American Idol 2012-3 Left After California Dreaming & Lots of Growlin

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I've never seen an American Idol contender so carelessly thrown under the bus as has been Hollie, sweet Hollie, cute Hollie, unpretentious Hollie.

Those judges, folks, they loved Jessica and may I remind that Jessica did get voted off once by the American public. J-Lo, Steve and Randy scorned us greatly, smacking our collective hands and saving Jessica before she finished her swan song.

It was a bit disgraceful from my eye's line but so it was.

Jessica does have a tremendous set of vocal cords but goodness she's way too young for all of this.

Now I understand that at this point a child of 16 like Jessica, has been able since a very young age able to watch the TV and dream when their day would come.

Jessica Sanchez probably decided around age 7 or so that she would one day be the American Idol.

This does not mean it should be bestowed upon her at age 16. I do understand that American Idols, for as long as the series continues, will probably be very young, what with an entire generation now reaching puberty having known American Idol all of their lives.

American Idol will be where the best singers, those who were singing loudly at age 6, were performing before audiences at age 8, were winners of talent shows by age 12. For the less than the best there will be X Factor, The Voice, America's Got Talent...like that.

Jessica fits this mold and somehow she, and those silly judges, see the American Idol title as belonging to them and have seen it this way since age 6.

Still and so, if American votes Jessica to win this thing, no matter how browbeaten by a panel of really stupid judges, then I shall respect the vote of the people.

I'll not mention Jessica's total inability to even walk right in a high heel, her herky jerky dance moves, her lack of any great charisma….she's got a great voice and likes to make her voice growl. That's all that matters.

As for Phillip, Phillip and Phillip inc….he's cute, goodness he's cute. He's every pubescent adolescent girl's fantasy of the guy for them. But he sings about a range of five notes, they all sound the same yet still his curls glisten.

Joshua, well I dunno, Joshua. Sometimes Joshua sings a great tune, one he doesn't doctor up so much that nobody but the listeners notice that they call it screaming what he's doing, not singing. Yet sometimes Joshua sings with a deep throaty voice that is beautiful enough, he needs to stop there.

I'm supposing Jessica will win this thing. Phillip of the curly hair will be second. Joshua will come in third.

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