Big Brother 2012 Begins With, Of Course, Some Intriguing Twists. An Intro and Some Snark.

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Let's give a big shout out to the granddaddy of all "live-in" overnight reality shows.

Let's see, there's "Survivor", "Love in the Wild", "Bachelor Pad" and now this new and somewhat weird "The Glass House".

Indeed they all began their basic concepts based on "Big Brother". They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and so it is.

Given its 14 years on the air, I am fairly new to Big Brother and the concept. Actually, I don't understand the concept at all.

Jodi is 42 years old and works in a restaurant. Kara is 29 years and is a model. These two ladies were the first two evicted from the BB house and I must ask, why?

There are several guys currently in that house who seem to be a better choice than these rather harmless females. How on earth do they manage to get everyone in the house to vote on these innocuous women?

Frank and Kara up for eviction

Which does not matter because I don't understand the logic of Survivor and the new ABC entry to this genre…."The Glass House" is really confusing in that the VIEWERS call in their eviction vote.

It was the same thing on the first issue of the Bachelor Pad. The group voted out some harmless female who wouldn't hurt a fly.

Seems to me if you're looking to get somebody out of competition you go for those most threatening to you.

At some point that is what happens. Once the field narrows down to five or so the choices make a sort of sense, the viewers have come to know the players better, there's a spirit of rooting for one player or another.

Perhaps that's the way it must be or an argument could be made that bigger, better players are not evicted because….well they're bigger or better.

There is, as is the wont of these sorts of shows, a new twist this year. Seems that some of the winners of Big Brother have become sort of mini-celebrities. Of late there is a tendency to bring them back. Survivor started this a while back and there is even a relative of the infamous Survivor Hantz in the Big Brother House this year.

So four winners have the past have been brought in. For now, they will NOT be actually playing in the game. Instead they will be coaching the other players.

This situation is interesting. As of this writing, the people in the BB House are very suspicious that the "coaches" might eventually be joining in the competition.

We'll be enjoying this series, a staple of summer. Check back to this Blog periodically for updates, opinions and, of course, snark.

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