Bachelorette Emily-Will It Be Jef, Arie or .....Nobody?

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So I watched "The Men Tell All" recently and not much new there.

Kalon was the butt of sarcasm and anger for calling Emily's daughter "baggage".

I don't think I've ever seen one kind of nothing-burger action cause so much drama.

First, we know that Emily loves Ricki. Come on, all mothers love their children. But to watch Emily in action on the episode when she kicked Kalon out for saying such a thing you'd think she was the only mother in the world who loved her child.

Which is not to say, of course, that it was a nice thing to say on Kalon's part but let's face it, a woman with a child has "baggage" though that's probably not a nice way to refer to an innocent child.

Point being, Kalon was making a very real point when he was discussing this with a bunch of co-contenders for Bachelorette Emily's hand.

And some tattletale had to go tell Emily although this was probably scripted just to add the drama.

On The Men Tall All episode, but of course, we needed more drama. So the matter of Kalon's reference to Ricki as baggage was again brought up. Kalon, to his credit as I saw it, did apologize for offending Emily with his term.

Emily called him a bullshitter, right on TV.

I don't think Kalon came off as a bullshitter with his expression of regret for using a term so many found offensive. I really do think he regretted the term "baggage" which is not a very nice way to put it.

However I do think Kalon meant that Ricki was an "issue" any suitor of Emily would have to deal with but don't dare say it as I suppose is the thought.

The final rose ceremony is supposed to take place this coming Sunday night, ABC, at 8pm.

On The Bachelorette web site, 42% of those taking the poll vote for Jef as the final guy. An astonishing 23% of those polled believe neither Jef nor Arie will get the nod from Emily.



Tell you what I think, now that you asked. I think that The Bachelorette will be extended for at least one more episode.

For sure there's been all kinds of hints that the ending of Bachelorette Emily's quest for love will not end per normal, ie with Emily happily choosing her choice to go live forever after in joy and harmony.

Emily keeps saying she can't make up her mind, at least on sound and sight bytes provided by the show. Indeed she said she felt great emotion for all three of the remaining guys before she sent Sean home.

I think the extension will help the show Bachelor Pad. That show sure was pushed during The Men Tell All episode. Bachelor Pad has to compete with Big Brother and now Love in the Wild. If The Bachelor(ette) series wants to capitalize on its fame, what better way than to run the final episode of Emily's saga concurrent with The Bachelor Pad first episodes?

Just a hunch on my part. Because I don't believe this series will allow another bachelor(ette) walk off without choosing anybody, as did the infamous Brad Womack. More so because it was Brad Womack who returned and chose Emily during last year's season ending in yet another disaster by Brad Womack.

I also do not believe that this season's series will end with Emily sobbing that she can't make up her mind and boom, that will be the end.

There are too many fans out in TV land that don't want to hear that the two remaining contenders are left hanging. Chris Harrison will probably come out and listen to Emily's lament that she's still not sure and would like more time.

Which will be allowed, with the final rose being given one hour before the Bachelor Pad premiere or otherwise strategically aired.

Or else, I offer with a muse, Emily might choose Chris Harrison himself. I understand he's now separated from his wife and….well it's kind of an amusing, and shocking thought.

Cause I understand Chris Harrison has baggage of a couple of kids, smirk.

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