MasterChef 2012-The Blind Leading the Blind

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We're rapidly heading down to the top five in Fox's MasterChef and it starts to keep my attention.

The contenders have begun to take shape in viewers' minds, their weaknesses, their flaws, their strong points. This year we have a blind contender and come on, how on earth does one cook blind?

Yes I know that handicapped people can function quite well in this era and I've no doubt a blind person could handily whip up a couple of pieces of toast. But Christine is an amateur cook considered good enough for MasterChef and that's astonishing.

Christine does have a helper work with her, said helper doing all the visual chores I must imagine. This does bring to mind how fair this is to the other contenders who must slug along with only their own selves to do the deed.

But first, let us ponder just what the hell is with Graham Elliot. First, white eyeglasses? Not that there's anything wrong with this but white eyeglasses look odder than all get out on a man especially.

Every time I see Graham I am reminded of the Bob's Big Boy icon. Elliot seems to be trying to look like this famous symbol of restaurants all across America but maybe it's just me.

Recent challenges have had the MasterChef wannabes selling a specialty food off of a food truck and preparing a meal made from sea urchin on to prepping and serving up find fish fare to show their knowledge of fileting and properly cooking fish.

The sea urchin mystery box gave me the willies and I must remind that few of us amateur cooks out here in la la land eat urchin and that yellow stuff-allegedly delicious per Ramsay-is yucky looking.

Now the fish prep was quite germane and informative as well.

  Felix won the urchin challenge and as such she was allowed to assign particular fish species to her fellow contenders, the idea being she should strategically give the choice of fish to contenders who, by all accounts, could not handle properly.

A John Dory fish, for example, was assigned to contender Monti Carlo-yes that's supposedly her name and she too looks like the Big Boy icon-with the notion that Monti could never properly prepare this fish. Monti is perceived as a home cook with little talent and a fish with a proper human name like John Dory would likely boggle her limited cooking skills. Only it didn't quite work out that way.

Actually not much worked out the way it was planned by Felix. Monti did a great job with the John Dory. Christine, the blind contender, prepared some icky looking fish and Tali, the contender who got sent home, prepared some really awful dish and no wonder he was booted.

I'd give Ramsay a thumbs up so far on this series and look forward to the final countdown. Join us here on this Blog where we'll be updating this competitive reality show as the finale unfolds.

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