TLC's CraftWars Omits a Lot of Crafts. Knitters Not Welcome

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I just don't know about Tori Spelling as hostess extraordinaire but given time perhaps she'll grow on me.

Tori does an okay job of leading the contenders in TLC's Craft Wars but I find her more distracting than charming.

For one thing she's just plain mean at times to those rushed and harried contenders.

First, let's review the concept.

I mean, who doesn't like crafts?

The problem with crafting, as I see it, is that crafting involves all sorts of different skills, tasks, tools and work. I can wield a glue gun but I am mostly a painter and an avid knitter (crochet, in my case). I am so good at this point and after so many years of producing afghans, ponchos, scarves, vests and such that I believe I could win some kind of competition involving this talent.

But how interesting would it be for a viewer to watch me sit in a studio holding a crochet needle, working intricate stitches the viewer cannot possibly see? I smile at the thought of Tori Spelling leaning over me, scolding my double crochets and demanding that I tighten up on my slip stitches. In fact, one contender on a recent CraftWars said her crafting talent was mostly knitting and this is when I began to ponder how well this talent will work in a competitive reality show.

Craft Wars has three judges who, well they judge. Like most reality competitive shows, a small challenge begins the show. The winner of this challenge wins some sort of prize and then it's on to the elimination challenge.

Winners of the craft challenge win a large sum of money-$10,000 I believe it is. This is not an ongoing reality competitive series. In other words, each show has three contenders. Of the three, one wins the money and the others get nothing. The next episode a new trio of contenders vies for the money and the fame.

I like this show and plan to continue to watch it

. So far the crafts for the contest are, of necessity, the sort of thing that is big, visible and easily judges. The contenders have had to make a wedding craft, something that would fit into a wedding ceremony or reception. For this challenge one contender designed a photo booth, another some sort of decorative pole.

Contenders have also designed dog houses , sometimes huge affairs fit for dogs of royalty. It gets a bit gimmicky when the contenders must design something that would serve a practical purpose, often using items that seem a bit far out. One such challenge had the contenders using locks and keys to design some sort of keepsake holder. Contenders have also designed toy chests using, eh, TOYS, in the design.

I suppose there's enough oomph and pizazz to keep home viewers interested in the series. Unfortunately, due to limitations on camera angles, smallness of projects or other reasons, too many crafts will not be featured.

Knitters rule the world but are unlikely to ever be on Craft Wars.

Craft Wars Airs Tuesday nights, TLC, at 8pm

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