MasterChief 2012-She's Baaaaaaaack! Paula Deen, She's Always There! Another Contender Returns...Then Leaves...Updates and Predictions

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I am rather enjoying this series of Fox's MasterChef in the summer of our Lord, 2012.

I've totally given up on Gordon Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen" for being a journey to an hour of needless cussing and not much cooking.

MasterChef, however, has a different style and it's a sort of Food Network Star for amateur cooks.

As of this writing there are 6 contenders left on MasterChef.

They are:


Seems this series, as have so many, is taking a 2 week hiatus while the Olympics occupy the minds of Americans.

This gives me the opportunity to complain, once again, about the omni-presence of Paula Deen, her very fake southern accent and her faux ascendency to judge of all things culinary.

Indeed I'd complained about Paula Deen when she showed up with fake accent on The Chew. I ranted when she turned up for Food Network Star. And of course, she's got to make an expert appearance on Gordon Ramsay's MasterChef.

It's not that I have anything against Deen and her sons and her husband who doesn't even speak. It's just that I've had enough. And I suppose when the rest of the world also has enough...Y-ALL, they'll stop watching shows that have her on.

At any rate, Ramsay now has another show because as the Fox Network sees it, you can't have too much Gordon Ramsay. Now Ramsay is scrutinizing hotels, cleaning them up and making them accessible to the public. Ramsay's expertise on such as hotels is never quite explained.

In the most recent episode of MasterChef watched as of this writing, it was very strange. Contender David got himself all messed up, first winning a round, given a lead for the elimination challenge to eventually getting himself almost eliminated by being stupid.

What was stranger, contender Joshua was brought back as he'd been eliminated the week prior.

Why do that?

Reality cooking shows often bring eliminated contenders back at the final challenge to help the finalists in their last challenge. But to suddenly up and bring back an eliminated challenger in the middle of the show is strange.

As I figure, MasterChef is a very successful offering by Fox and they're looking to extend the air time of the series. These types of shows, alternatively, will eliminate two or more contenders in a week in the middle of the episodes' run as the show is sluggish in terms of viewership and there's a desire to get it over with.

As for the contenders, as this cooking competitive reality show begins to wind down to a winner, my bet is on contender Becky.

Becky's won several cooking challenges. I doubt Joshua will win as, read the above, he's already been eliminated and even after being brought back he was in the bottom three.

Monti's a cutie and she's one of the more entertaining contenders. But the script always seems to have Monti doing bad, like the episode where Monti had to cook a lobster and she was all left hands.

Christine is blind and this was certainly different. I don't think she'll win but who knows, Christine winning MasterChef could be the sort of thing that brings headlines: "Blind woman wins major television cooking contest", or to that effect.

We'll be keeping an eye out on this series so tune in and get caught up with all the details, and, of course, the snark.

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