Big Brother 2012-Starting to Rev Up, Who's Looking Like a Winner This BB Series

We're at season 14, episode 11 as of this writing of the Big Brother Summerfest and I'm trying to follow it all.

Four prior winners of Big Brother entered the House this year to serve as "coaches", each of them up for a big cash prize based on, well I guess how the contenders did under this tutelage.

From the Big Brother's own web site:
The new houseguests are introduced as they get ready to move into their new home: Frank, a huge BIG BROTHER fan from Naples, Florida, Danielle, a nurse, Shane, a house flipper and beer and wine salesman, Jodi, an older newlywed from California, Ian, a young chemical engineering student attending Tulane University, Wil, a young southern gay man from Kentucky with long blonde hair, Jo Jo, a street smart New Yorker, Willie, a tough guy and brother of the infamous Russell Hantz from Survivor, Kara, a young model, Joe, a father and chef, Jenn, a gay rocker chick who is a former member of the rock band "Kittie,” Ashley, a pretty spray tan technician from California with a degree from a Big 10 school.

The returners are: Dan, winner of BB 10, Janelle, from BB 6 and BB All Stars, Britney, from BB 12, and the infamous Mike ‘Boogie’, from BB 2 and the winner of BB All Stars

As these things go, the rules were suddenly changed, this time by a vote of Americans across the fruited plains. The coaches were granted permission to become contenders in their own right and so now we have Boogie, Janelle, Britney and Dan as contenders to win the prize and yet, at the most recent nomination who does HOH winner Danielle nominate?

Wild-haired Frank and sweet Will.

To me it makes no sense.

If I'm in that house with former winning Big Brother contenders now in competition with me, THEY will be the first I will nominate to get out of there.

Which is probably why I'll never be on Big Brother because I lack the perspective more experience viewers/players seem to have.

Danielle seems to be developing a showmance with Shane though Shane says he's not interested. Danielle gets all googly eyed when Shane is around and, indeed, Shane doesn't seem to discourage Danielle all that much.

The most recent Head of Household competition as of this writing involved having the contenders hanging off of the side of some big ship type of thing. The contenders' feet are on small steps as the "ship" sways to and fro, water streams pour upon them and a few times seagulls threw what we are to believe to be seagull poop all over the contenders.

Wil, a sweet guy who admits to being homosexual, found himself at the end of his ability to hang on.

Right before he leaps to comfort but to losing any chance at HOH, he looks at Danielle and pleads for her not to nominate him for eviction. Danielle assured Wil he will be safe.

First, it's important to know that Danielle had not, in the heat of the challenge, won the HOH competition, so her assurance that she would not nominate Wil for eviction was not based on much of anything except Wil's belief, one might suppose, that Danielle would win.

Danielle nominated Willie for eviction and stated that she would nominate Wil as a "pawn".

I know that "pawn" is a Big Brother code word. Like "backdoor" as well, and I'm not clear on what either term means.

A pawn is someone or something used to achieve a goal of some sort. So Wil is, as HOH Danielle sees it, not likely to be evicted. Will is the ultimate object of eviction and since Danielle has to nominate TWO people for eviction, she put up gentle Wil, who would be unlikely to get ousted.

So they really want Wil out of there and again, why aren't they going after Boogie, or Janelle, both experienced players who seem more likely to wrest a win from the likes of Danielle.

As it would turn out, Danielle won the Power of Veto and through some big conspiracy, a "Silent Six" was formed and Janelle was nominated by Danielle to replace Wil, who she removed from eviction consideration. 

Seems the Silent Six want Janelle out of there.

THIS I understand.

At any rate, the show continues on and we'll be watching and in due course, we might understand how it all works.

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