Judging by the First Episode of Survivor 2012-We've Got a Winner

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There's a big surprise on Survivor Philippines in this year of our Lord, 2012.

Her name is Lisa Whelchel. She was once a child star on a long-running series beloved by my daughter, "Facts of Life."

Now this is a widely known fact, of course. But it is being kept a secret from Lisa's co-contenders. The older contenders, of course, remember Lisa from her days as a child star.

Also, Survivor has brought back a few former Survivor contenders. They are Jonathan, Russell, and Michael. All of these former contenders were taken away from their Survivor game due to health issues, both accidental and medical.

The series begins with three tribes: Matsing, Tandang and Kalabaw. The contenders are allegedly in the Philippines and life has not been kind to so many. Lack of fire is a big problem so far this season.

There's been a couple of eliminations so far, none of any import. The bigger elimination battles will soon be coming.

Till now, contender Zane asked to be eliminated cause the constant rain drove him crazy. Or something. Contender Roxy got eliminated in an elimination with co-contender, young Angie. Roxie was a nasty somebody while Angie is...eh, a dingbat.

The tribe, I must suppose, chose to get rid of the battleaxe then would deal with the light-headed.

When asked what she would do to make relationships within the Matsing tribe better, Angie responded "Maybe a cookie?".

Well I don't know what that meant either but it sure sounded silly. I'll be kind and suggest the child was offering that a happy thing, such as a cookie, would make grouchy rain-soaked co-tribe-members happier, thus more affable.

Already story lines are revolving around Lisa Whelchel and the returning former Survivor contenders.

Returnees from a different series are often distrusted and targeted as a source for eliminations/evictions. This goes on across the spectrum of elimination type reality shows.

But the new contenders will keep the experienced contenders around enough to learn new tricks and/or form alliances with them for their inside knowledge.

Lisa's "script" involved her abandonment as a child actress as she languished in lonely boarding schools. So too did her co-tribe members shun her, the co-contender they see as too old for the rigor of the show, a liability, a puzzle whose past they do not know.

Only Lisa proves to be a valuable team member during one night's elimination challenge and the angel's sang and the tears flowed for the joy of it. And when her team discovers Lisa's former fame there will be cheers in Mudville as a former lonely child star steps up to receive plaudits as a most cherished member of the team.

Well hey, the script wrote itself. I'm just summarizing.

Okay, tongue now out of cheek I must assert that it will all come together, that the mix of contenders on the Survivor Philippines series promises an interesting and intriguing run.

We'll be remarking on the various episodes as required so come back to this Blog to find out what's happening on Survivor, served up with some snark and sarcasm and maybe some gentle humor.

Survivor Airs Wednesday Nights, CBS, at 8pm

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