Project Runway 2012-One Drama Queen Heads Home; Another Returns With More Boo Hoos

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Goodness Project Runway this past week (9/20/12) was a family affair here in the Fish household.

Granddaughter, all of 8 years old and fashion critic extraordinaire, was here for a visit as was fashionless daughter. I had PR taped and so we all watched it.

But first, let's discuss the week before and how that awful Gunnar finally got sent home.

The fashion challenge was a simple affair, design a happening dress by designing your own fabric.

Ven took some fire for his design, which was described as suitable for a Hawaiian airline hostess.

At any rate, Gunnar went home and the show is all the better for missing his ugly sneer.

This past week as of this writing the designers were charged with designing a new outfit for nothing less than the NY Rockettes.

Daughter, granddaughter and I all had a lot to say about all the submitted designs. Granddaughter, for all her 8-year old fashion sense, totally failed to pick the winning design. In fact, she hated it.

Indeed Christopher's dancing outfit was an item of genius. Christopher cut out a New York skyline and made this the top of his outfit.

I think granddaughter Kaitlyn missed its genius because she did not understand what the design was. I don't think granddaughter ever heard of the Rockettes frankly, and so she complained that Christopher's dress didn't flounce like a dance outfit should, that it was not colorful enough.

Kaitlyn was smart enough to declare Elena's design submission a big mess and, indeed, Elena almost got sent home for that horrible design.

The fashion design contender who was finally sent home broke my heart.


They sent home Ven!

He was who I predicted would win this thing!

I don't think Ven's Rockette design was so bad. The judges complained it was too tame, it lacked originality.

So okay, perhaps.

But it would have worked as a dance outfit, if not the most colorful on the planet.

It didn't deserve an elimination I assert.

And so it goes. The judges don't listen to me.

For now, Christopher is the Project Runway 2012 design contender to watch.

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