The Voice 2012 Begins: It's Not DUETS, It's Not American Idol, It's Not X Factor. It's THE VOICE. But is it any good?

So autumn 2012 is revving up and we've got X Factor and The Voice beginning their series' runs.

I was pondering whether to even bother with The Voice this year because, well frankly, I didn't much like it last year.

I thought the quality of the competing contenders to be sub-par, way below American Idol, even X Factor, contenders.

However I have, so far and after two rather distracted viewings, noted that the contenders on this year's The Voice are way above my expectations.

One cutie pie, Melanie Martinez, has the most unusual voice I've ever heard. Her "look" is a bit childish and quirky but it suits her very well.

A couple of youngsters also tried out and to my surprise they were outstanding.

Alessandra Guercio is a mere 17 years old. She has an outstanding voice, she's beautiful, she has the X Factor and could be a shoo-in for American Idol.

However she is a contender on The Voice and we shall see.

Another youngster-Avery Wilson, is a mere 16 years old and he too is American Idol/X Factor material.


The X Factor is where the rappers and gangsta singers go to win. None of the above mentioned contenders are out of the mainstream.

This year we still have the same "tem Captains":Adam, Blake, CeeLo and Christine.

I don't much like CeeLo. It's not that he's lacking talent. It's that he mumbles when he talks, he's somewhat boring, I don't know what the deal is with his birds and cats.

We'll be following The Voice for its run so come back to this Blog for updates.

The Voice airs Tuesdays NBC at 8 pm/7c. Check listings as times vary

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