X Factor 2012-A First Look. Britney Spears As a Judge? Let's Discuss.

So I watched the first couple of X Factor shows and I note what I noted last year and I will note it this year again.

X Factor seems to welcome, indeed encourage, fringe musical acts.

Now I use the term "fringe" softly because there's plenty of mainstream rapper/gangsta type music. But I'll give ten bucks for every rapper/gangsta type musician who ever made it to the top ten of American Idol.

Stop shouting. I know American Idol isn't the story here but let's not kid ourselves here, American Idol set the standard for these musical competitive reality shows.

Consider that I am 16 years old with a magnificent voice. I can audition for the following: American Idol, The Voice, X Factor, America's Got Talent and now the newest show of this type-Duets.

American Idol should be at the top of every wannabe singer's list for tryouts. It has been around the longest, garners the most superstars from its win pool, and is the most well known.

America's Got Talent is increasingly for more unusual and flamboyant acts. There are singers who audition, perform and even win on America's Got Talent. But it's difficult to compete against other singers, much less magicians, comedians and cute animal acts.

The Voice garners a lot of attention. The Voice has a specific group of hosts. Singers who audition for this competitive reality musician show often do so in order to be partnered with the coach of their singing genre. Sort of the same thing applies with Duets.

X Factor has singers of musical genres generally eschewed by the more mainstream of these musical competitive reality show.

Not that there's anything wrong with this.

On the first two episodes we had a lot of the crazy types showing up to sing when they can't sing a note. You got to laugh. When you get those fools they have no problem with making an ass of themselves on TV.

One such contenders was a silly young man who has an obsession for Britney Spears. He even brought her a big vase of flowers.

Well it was all a hoot as these things tend to become.

As for the new judges, goodness.

Well let's throw out that I'm glad Paula Abdul is gone. The world has had enough of Paula Abdul.

At some point I liked Abdul but time for her to move on.

As for Britney Spears, she does a good job on the show as I see it.

She's not overly critical but she's not afraid to be so.

Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell have some kind of thing going on. It almost borders on flirtation as I see it though Simon's 52 years old to Lovato's early 20's. I think this odd pairing will be played up over the span of this series and who knows if it's real or not.

Simon is an odd duck and he's never been married as I understand.

X Factor airs on Weds and Thurs Fox 8pm/7c

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