The Voice 2012 Teams Formed and Competing. Let's Take a Look and Predict.

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I wrote about the X Factor yesterday and I then noted that The Voice has been beating X Factor in the ratings.

Which is a bit of a surprise in that The Voice, in my estimation, has not been promoted or hyped anywhere near the league of X Factor. Simon Cowell had a vaunted history with his American Idol background and Fox's enthusiastic endorsement of his new endeavor.

Whereas The Voice features four moderately well-known singers with a format that has a bit of a twist to it but still would be considered by most to be the come from behind singing competitive reality show offering, at least compared to X Factor.

Instead I read that The Voice, by premiering ahead of X Factor and by offering many episodes in a week over the introductory period, has been forging ahead of X Factor in the ratings.

The four coaches have, as of this writing, chosen their protégés and I've got, for now, just a couple to watch for.

One of the odder contenders is Melanie Martinez. She definitely has one of the more unusual voices I've heard in all of the various singing competitions. She sports an unusual look as well, featuring big hair bows and somewhat childish outfits. But she's good and quite intriguing.

So many of these singing competitive reality shows are now filled with young people, age 16, even younger, as the older have already applied at the various other venues.

Alessandra Guercio is one such young woman, a mere 16 years old, but she has it al: a beautiful voice, a great look and a very definite stage presence.

Another young singer, this one male, to watch for is Avery Wilson, a 16 year old whose voice made me pause to listen.

One other standout is an older woman, Nicole Nelson. I doubt she'll win this thing as she's probably too old. No matter how noble the judges et al to these older contenders, they seldom win. But Nicole has a beautiful voice and she sang one of my favorite songs for her audition., "Hallelujah".

Still I point her out as one to watch and I'd be delighted if she were to win this thing.

We're following The Voice so come back to this Blog regularly and see what we think and you never know, we may have some fine snark we'll be serving up.

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