America's Got Talent 2012-It's Official! The Dog Act Wins! Check Out My Accurate Predictions

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I see America's Got Talent as the best of the competitive reality shows.

What about American Idol you shout?

American Idol has the benefit of over ten years on the air, of being the forerunner of all its imitators, of becoming, if not already, an American institution.

America's Got Talent has that one thing that keeps me pulled in, entertained, mesmerized and fascinated.

Specifically, this would be a bunch of American whacky goofballs with "talents" that raise eyebrows and blow minds.

This year, for example, we had a fellow whose talent was taking vicious whacks to his gonads. I will never forget this guy's "talent" , not to mention the perverted joy Howard Stern got from himself tossing a few balls at the man's jewels.
Olate Dogs....THE WINNERS!!

We had comics, bicycle acts, dance acts, comedians and some amazing animals acts.

This year, to my great joy, a dog act won the million bucks and they did so deserve it.

Below from my last post before this one, see the list of posts on this subject below:
Summing up...order of finish as I predict: Olate Dogs, Tom Cotter, Garibaldi and the CYMK's, Joe Castillo, William Close and at the bottom, The Untouchables

Above was my prediction. I was right as far as the top 2. I believe I had William Close and the Garibaldi group reversed but I give myself credit for culling down the best and placing them in proper order.
Nick Carter Prepares to Announce Winner, left-Tom Cotter, Right, Olate Dogs

So America's Got Talent 2012 wraps up for the year and next year we will tune in again to this most amazing and entertaining of competitive reality shows.

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