Strange British Pervert, Schoolchild Propaganda, The Danger of Opening the Stuff We Buy


The Hidden Cost On Things We Buy

So okay, I have a regular torment and I don't think I'm alone. Further, this is a job we can give to the politicos so they stop raising taxes on the "rich" while our paychecks go down!
Somebody tell the manufacturers, particularly the Chinese, that it is NOT the customer's job to OPEN THEIR PACKAGES!

Now I understand that products must be packaged, that plopping our desired yogurt in our own cups or carrying a pile of staples as needed for the office would not do.

There's the matter or gathering the product within some area that's portable and convenient. There's also a matter of keeping things as fresh as possible.

Let's start with so-called "blister" packs. Come on! There's reasonably no easy way to open those things and yes we've really reached the point where we have to buy something to get our product out of the container.

These sorts of containers are meant to keep people from stealing whatever's inside. A fine notion and should be supported.

But not by forcing the consumer to almost cut off a hand to get at a product he or she lawfully purchased.

It's unending, to getting the paint can lid off, to peeling off that stupid cellophane strip around the top of containers that already make you "press down and turn.".

Write your politicians, folks. Tell them to forget taking our guns and raising our taxes. Tell them to work on something really important to us, which is the ability to get at our stuff without killing ourselves.


Weird English Crime Now Shocking Brits.

I'm not sure what to make of this story but as a True Crime Aficionado I had to check it out.

First, this perp is now dead so all the horror stories about him mean pretty much nothing. He's evidently some kind of famous DJ in England but he was also a pervert.

From the Dailymail:
1960: A 10-year-old boy saw Savile outside a hotel and asked for his autograph. They went into the hotel reception where he was seriously sexually assaulted

1965: A 14-year-old girl met Savile in a nightclub. She later visited his home and was raped

1972: A 12-year-old boy and two female friends attended a recording of Top of the Pops. During a break in filming Savile groped his genitals and the breasts of his two friends

1973: A 16-year-old female hospital patient was befriended by Savile. He led her to an office where he kissed her, touched her inappropriately and then subjected her to a sexual assault

1974: Savile took a 14-year-old schoolgirl for a drive in his car and seriously sexually assaulted her

2009: A 43-year-old woman was sexually assaulted by Savile when he put his hand up her skirt while talking to her on a train journey between Leeds and London
Another Sign What the Tea Party Is Up Against.

How scary is this?

The following was found in a school child's math book.

Ah yes, indoctrinate the children, that's the ticket.

Ending With a Smile

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