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The REAL reason Repubs won't cut down on expenses

It's time for us to admit, however softly, that we have a political class in this country.

For if yon reader believes that the Republicans knew nothing about the mortgage scam that had people buying houses which they could ill-afford.

The banks lending this money had political feet held to their neck under the guise of Jimmy Carter's "do good" bank bill. This was a silly liberal idea that since banks use the federal reserve to borrow funds for their use that they should somehow make the environment around them a better place to live.

By twisting this notion into a pretzel, ineligible home-owners found themselves struggling to pay for a mortgage that had them way under water.

They found themselves making mortgage payments for a mortgage that was way higher than the value of the home which it was for.

Finally the mortgage system collapsed under the weight of these bad mortgages.

And the Republicans knew nothing?

It's no secret that the Republican party is in a dark spot. They keep putting up these so-called "moderates" like McCain, Dole and, recently, Romney.

They do not win elections yet the RINO's tell us that have everything under control.


So how comes when the money coming in is less than the money going out the federal government does not do what we have to do within our own households when money gets tight?

Which is, specifically, cut down on spending.

Of course those politicos in DC don't want to cut down on spending, ignore Speaker Boehner's sobbing blue eyes for now.

The elected Repubs, especially those that've been around for too many years, all have pet pork projects, folks. They've been doing this for years!

Sure they try to be low-key about it. "Riders" are surreptitiously attached to proposed legislation which has nothing to do with the pork allocation that is part of it.

The Obama regime and this fast-spending bunch of Democrats are not at all timid about their high-spending ways.

Now the Repubs are faced with trying to halt, or at least stymie, the fast-spending ways.

But for all their own little pork projects that they allowed to be handing them through the years the pubs know that the Dems will hammer them mercilessly over THEIR little pork projects.

So while the pubs put up a motion to, I dunno, maybe eliminate the totally un-needed boondoggle of the EPA, we'll have howling screaming monkey Dems hooting about Senator Joe Blow and his allocation of money for his district's solar energy projects.

I might not live in the insulated DC bubble but I do understand how these things happen.

I'm in the cloak room and Rep. Jane Doe sidles up to me. "If you give me a YEA vote today I'll be a co-sponsor of your bill to support a new military barracks in your district."

The approached Rep thinks it's a good deal and soon Rep. Doe has many happy constituents for the new military barracks.

But you get a situation where we've got a President and administration giving everybody free cell phones and home Internet connections plus so many of those "entitlement" checks breaking the bank, and what had once been harmless political horse-trading becomes a weapon for the Dems and the administration to use against them.



Add the cooperation of the hysterical, howling media and the pubs, cowards in normal times, won't even begin to think of suggesting cuts in expenses.

We have a political class in this country yon ladies and gems, and this political class live in an insular bubble. We're at a point now where they think our money is THEIR money.

And we have no opposition party to beat them back.

Time to get rid of them who got themselves so beholden over the cushy years of their term.

Time for us to get in there and take our country back.

Birds Take on the Sliding Glass Deck Door

I've had bird feeders up on my deck for the full ten years I've now lived in Delaware, and for the full fifteen years I lived on a little cove off of the Chesapeake Bay.

In the two months that I've had bird feeders up this year of our Lord 2013 I've had two birds collide into my home's sliding glass door that leads to the deck.

Their Pictures are below:

The reason I was able to get such amazing pictures, for that is MY handing holding the chickadee, and the titmouse's picture is taken by my Kindle, was because both birds were so disoriented by their collision with my glass door that they didn't know up from down.

In both cases I rushed out to the back deck and picked up the birds, which were flailing about on the deck floor. First I didn't know how badly they were hurt. They were going round and round, wings all akimbo, until I worried that big galoot dog would get curious and maybe cause the bird more harm with her sniffing about.

The chickadee remained on my hand for fifteen minutes. The titmouse flew from my hand when I picked her up but she only made it to the deck rail as shown on the picture. I was able to go inside and get my Kindle, bring it out and sit it by Mrs. Titmouse and it's like she posed for the picture.

I had to carry the chickadee out to the yard perimeters to drop her on the OTHER side of the fence from curious dog. The chickadee did then fly off as I gently waved my hand up and down. The titmouse flew off the deck rail when I tried to pick her up. Both birds made a full recovery and are testimony to the cleanliness of my sliding glass door.

I am so delighted to have been given a chance to be so close to God's amazing avian creatures. They both still come to the feeders and I dunno, maybe they'll remember me.

The Bachelor2013

So I like Sean.

And I think he's quite good looking.

He does, ahem, seem a bit boring.

For now, know that I'm watching the show and will be posting updates. For now, to review some of the information above, go here.

My initial impression of Sean is that he is a macho man. He often points that he is a man's man, that he will protect his wife.

Which I consider a good thing, make no mistake.

He says he's seriously looking for a wife.

We shall see.


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Drivel: alaHouse and Asthma

If you came to our annual party over the last few years, you might remember we have a bit of an issue trying to stabilize the temperature in alaHouse. No matter the outside temperature, the house is always too hot.

Well, mostly. Last year was too cold - we brought the thermostat down to 70 degrees the day before and then the outside temperature was decent. Poof! Too cold.

Occasionally when we watch television in the Green Room, we notice the heat, too. The air conditioner doesn't do a very good job.

The construction folk told us the air conditioner we had would be fine with the additions we made to the house in 2005.

It wasn't.

As soon as we could (I think it was either late 2005 or early 2006), we replaced the 3 ton air conditioner with a larger unit. We thought we were getting a 7 ton unit but turns out it's a 5 ton. Either way, it should easily handle our need.

It doesn't.

This week we finally did something about it. Harry called out some specialists and they quickly diagnosed alaHouse's problem. It has asthma.

That 5 ton air conditioner was trying to breathe through a constricted sixteen-inch opening. Hence, the wheezing and inability to "breathe out" enough cool air. (I know the feeling, having a touch of asthma myself.)

Several options were reviewed and a decision reached. Some rearrangement was necessary but now that the dust has settled, alaHouse is breathing better.

The major changes are loss of the hallway bookcase, the addition of another sixteen inch hole in the hallway floor, and a cooler house. Yay for modern medicine!

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