An Evil Cat, A Dog Loving Supermarket Food and the Future for Kerry Washington of Scandal.



My Dog Loves SuperMarket Food

Actually my dog loves any kind of food no matter where made or purchased.

Unfortunately she has been getting a lot of what I call "supermarket" food.

Most supermarkets, at least down this way, have a sort of "hot bar" that features routine meals such as fried chicken and standard side orders.

Way I used to figure, supermarket food was convenient in that I do go to the grocery once a week. What with our household populated by just me and husband, I find that meal preparation should not be a big deal. He is just a little guy and while I'm a bigger gal, we are still only two people here, needing perhaps a sandwich for lunch and a fried chicken breast for dinner.

Husband eats out three times a week in that he's somewhat of a picky eater and frankly it's as cheap too often to eat out as it is to make the same thing at home. Fast food restaurants for sure, but also other eateries, have the benefit of economies of scale that a domestic culinary site like my own simply does not have.

Fast food however, is not the sort of thing I want to eat every day so I came up with this plan to fulfill my dinner and lunch dietary needs by purchasing sandwiches or meals at the grocery.

I'm finished with that.

Supermarket food is just awful.

At first it was so convenient. Sandwiches packed with lunchmeat with bits of lettuce sticking out tempted from within their see through container. Only to turn out mushy and plain, not appetizing at all.

Even the hot meals aren't all that good. The fried chicken is often tough and the deli salads re okay but not great.

Too often I take a few bites then push the food aside. Later on it becomes food for the dog.

Like I said, she loves supermarket food.

She won't be getting much more from here on in.


My Evil Cat

Cats do not normally like me. They tolerate me, especially those who live with me. I am the one who cleans the litter pans, distributes daily Temptations, plays the feather toy thing with them. I also weekly distribute the catnip, indeed a wonderful thing for the feline.

But I am big and I am loud and cats do not much like big and loud….anything.

Except for Gerald, who sits contentedly alongside a running vacuum washing a paw. To Gerald I am the finest human on earth.


Now at those times when I sit and keyboard hitting keys with the human finger things, Gerald knows that no food will in any way be forthcoming.

Should I be moving about the kitchen, Gerald knows, there is a chance at food. But when typing at that keyboard Gerald knows never has a bit of food ever emerged from that keyboard and so desperate times require desperate measures.

He will, DELIBERATELY run across my keyboard, swiftly that I do not catch him, but on the mark as his feet upon the keyboard causes stuff to happen.

Now Gerald doesn't care what stuff happens. He just cares that he has a way to get me off of that keyboard that the possibility of food increases.

I reinforce his little crime spree by immediately jumping up from my chair and scolding Gerald. His feet might have erased a document, take me away from a perusing web site, caused the computer to give warnings of mysterious bots all about.

Whatever I'd been doing is interrupted and I must suppose that more often than not I end up so distracted that somehow I end up giving Gerald food. I've never kept the stats on this but believe me, Gerald would not be doing this if it didn't work.

Cats, as all animals, have no guile.

Except maybe for Gerald, I dunno.

SCANDAL Best Show for Fashion

Scandal star Kerry Washington can often be found somewhere around the Obamas.

I don't know why this is except the Obamas do consider themselves stars and stars hang around together.

I've no doubt that Kerry will play Michelle Obama in the movie. This is a given.

She's a pretty thing and they dress her well. She was also a top fashion select for the Oscars of 2013 with a beautiful red dress and flowing straight locks. She and Michelle Obama often dress alike.

I'm jus' sayin'.


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