Dinty Moore Beef Stew, Giant Crabs, Crazy Massachusetts and a Liberal Take on American Idol.



Gimme a Dozen of Those Things, Steamed with Old Bay

The thing on top of this big boy's head is a more ordinary Chesapeake Bay Blue crab. The big fella is himself some kind of jumbo crap type found in the colder climes such as Alaska.

So I must dream of the arrival of a large tray of these babies, steamed with Old Bay and smoking hot lying on the spread stale newspapers covering the table and ready to be eaten.

• I'm pretty sure the "meat" is somehow re-formed meat from scraps and such. It's probably got a gazillion tons of salt in one can.

But tis a great thing to keep six or so cans of this stuff on one's pantry shelf.

When there's absolutely nothing else to eat, a can of this, with a couple pieces of toast, would made a fine lunch in a pinch.


Massachusetts Sets School Bathroom Rules


BOSTON, February 19, 2013, (LifeSiteNews.com) – Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester has issued orders to the state’s K-12 public schools requiring them to permit “transgender” boys and girls to use the opposite sex’s locker rooms, bathrooms, and changing facilities as long as they claim to identify with that gender.

What the hell is in the drinking water in Massachusetts?

So a 16 year old boy claims he's really a girl, maybe he puts on a dress. Then he can change and shower in the girl's locker room?

Does anybody see the problems with this picture?

Logic dictates that even, assuming God made a mistake when assigning one's gender, if a child thinks they are really the opposite sex, shouldn't they be at least of an age of majority before allowed to proclaim they are of the wrong sex and not begin any physical procedures until that time.

Yeah, I know. By that time the poor transgender confused individual will have been bullied and mistreated for the entirety of its school year….not using pronouns HIS or HER….

Just wait until there are screams as males of dubious sexual persuasion invade female showers and locker rooms across Massachusetts.

Even the dopey liberal will have to recognize this horrible idea.


American Idol Catch Up

So I sat down and watched a recent episode of American Idol 2013 and, frankly, I have not much to say at this point.

There is a whole new judge panel going on, with Nickie Minaj and Maria Carey, with President Obama weighing in their alleged feud, how presidential is that?

The feuding ladies do okay as AI judges I should think. They seem to know the good singers from the bad and they are good judges in that aspect.

As for the singers, I am simply overwhelmed at the offerings.

American Idol seems to have a lot of returning singers. Which is fine because what with America having talent and budding celebrities with an Xfactor and those whose Voice is most important, there has to be a limit as to how many great singers there are in America.

If liberal have their way, it will soon be deemed unfair for some of us to be born with good voices. Those of us born with good voices have more chances for better jobs so it is not fair.

The liberals will then determine that one of two things must be done: First, EVERYONE should have access to a good singing voice. Operations on vocal cords should be part of the public health care plan. Taxpayer funded operations to adjust vocal cords to a good voice will go on until everyone who so desires is an entrant on American Idol.

Given that medicine isn't yet advanced enough to have a good voice possible via surgeon's scalpel, then everyone who has a good voice must have their vocal cords slashed to make it go away.

It's just not fair that some really bad people have good voices. Let us take them away from everybody, then once we get voice by surgery perfected, WE SHALL DECIDE WHO SHALL SING!


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