Android App Obsession; Those Amazing Vermont Teddy Bears.



Oh my goodness what a world we have that all of one's life and everything one could want to do can be carried in a little device that fits in one's pocketbook.

So okay, with me it's the Kindle but I do not limit the ability to carry life around in one's pocket as being just an Amazon thing. All across the fruited plains we have I-Pads and Nooks and even cellular phones that do the same thing.

On my Kindle I can watch a TV show, listen to the radio, take a picture or a video, read a book, subscribe-and have delivered right to my Kindle-all sorts of magazines, and of course I can access the web.

One can upload to the so-called "cloud" all of one's important documents and access them anywhere.

There's a vehicle to cause all of this sort of thing….they call them APPS.

I've become an APP addict.

Because we have a country full of Geeks who are only too happy to create applications that will do or that, some do it better, some do it worse.

I've downloaded apps that bring up all my BankofAmerica information, apps that make me love the radio, apps that allow me to access all my Microsoft files, including Excel, Word and Power Point files, drawing apps and goodness games all over the place, games, games, games.

One app, illustrated in the pic, is a calendar for the Kindle . It's called "Handy Note Pro" and it's great.

Handy Note Pro is a notebook tracking app as one might deduce from the title. A user creates different notebooks for the many parts of their lives. One of my notebook is a calendar and the pic is an example of a pre-designed template that some genius came up with.

I love how the dates go in a design like the number "2". This app allows the user to enter their own dates, complete with various symbols to indicate the calendar activity/event upon. I have symbols of little singing heads to indicate those dates of choir.

I really like how one can see their entire month at a glance, how the user can add notes as needed.

Best of all, once I get the month in with my dates I simply snap a screen pic and send it to my computer via email. Thus I am looking at all the same calendars no matter where I might be.

SENATOR MENDENEZ-How Long Will We Let an American Senator Do What This Pervert Does?
• =====================================================
Come on! This guy regularly makes trips to the Dominican Republic so he may have sex with young girls and do NOT tell me that the rest of those vaunted Senators up there on that fancy Hill don't know this.

That whole bunch of political elite make me sick but I'm sicker over this nonsense that even though it's LEGAL for 16 year olds to be prostitutes where the pervert goes, that simply does not make it right.

If nothing else, this man should NOT be a Senator!

There are only 100 people in America honored to be a Senator. We should not have or allow this kind of behavior never mind that New Jersey, a cesspool itself, keeps electing the perv.

Torricelli finally got the boot. Time for this horrid, horrid man to go.

Do you really think those young teenagers like having sex with this man?

What an awful man. And every Senator up there what knew this and let it go on, you are all as awful.


VERMONT TEDDY BEARS-What a Marketing Concept!

President Obama really hates American Entrepreneurs and to that end he should be arranging for direct drone hits on the Vermont Teddy Bear company.

This year this company came up with the concept of a great big teddy bear, four feet tall so I heard.

If my husband sent me a four foot tall teddy bear for Valentine's Day, well I just don't know.

However I bet this was a big winner for the Vermont Teddy Bear company. This company has soared to great heights and Valentine's Day is their Christmas.

Although they probably do good at Christmas too!

For a dating couple this is a great gift.

The biggest drawback is once you give your loved one a giant teddy bear, well you really can't give TWO of these things, can you?

Still and so, there's enough ladies in America in need of giant teddy bears to keep the Vermont Teddy Bear company busy forever and ever.


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