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Oscar Pistorius Had It All; Threw It Away. Was It Roid Rage?


The big True Crime this week is the murder of a double leg amputee's girlfriend.

He had it all.

Well except for his legs of course, but he broke the barrier. He was allowed to run despite his huge handicap. The world was with him.

In South Africa today they are pulling down his billboards.

Seems Pistorius thought his girlfriend was a burglar. Although few people shoot a burglar in the bedroom then shoot them three more times through the bathroom door where the "burglar" went to escape the barrage of bullets.

Yeah, he's got a silly story that isn't holding up.

Reeva Steenkamp was a beautiful young lady.

Pistorius needs to put a gun to his head and fire, make the world a better place.

Per Dateline, If You Murder Someone You Should Love, At Least Look Sad About It.

I do quite enjoy the NBC Dateline series in that I am a True Crime Aficionado.

One thing I have noted….in every incident I can remember, the very first time someone becomes a suspect in a murder is when they do not act "right" about the death of what should be a loved one.

Now I understand that those closest to a murder victim are first to be suspected. Anyone ever watched Dateline knows this.

And I understand that a detective has probably developed a radar for truth and grief, real and unreal.

Finally, yeah, the fellow who finally offed his wife isn't going to be sobbing to eternity when notified that his feat was achieved.

Here's what I've learned, thank me very much for the information: If you kill anyone you know or love, if you ARRANGE to have them killed, practice your grief and sobbing skills.

You will be judged by the finest, experienced judges.

I'm jus' sayin'.

Does CNN Think We Were All Born At Night? LAST Night?

So Marco Rubio takes a drink of water during his response to the SOTU this past February.

CNN, a bunch of boobs if ever there were a bunch, I dunno, some **shole in the editorial department comes up with a real cool headline, to the effect:

"Will Marco Rubio's drink of water end his political career"?


They have no common sense, these nattering baboons of the media. I don't believe for a minute that CNN meant this as satire, their response as the world gasped at their stupid headline.

CNN wouldn't now satire if it hit them in the face!

Some bloke thought this was a "thinking outside the box" headline, a bombshell that would have us thanking CNN forever for its place in our history books in the bringing down of upstart Marco Rubio who dared to take a drink of water in public.

They forget sometimes, these political elites, that all humans drink water.


Mayor Bloomberg-You Can't Hate Him Enough

Came across this picture and it really got me to thinking.

Drinking big sodas is downright scary if you think about it.

Why Does Anyone Need a $43,000 Watch?

So Jesse Jackson Junior has stolen almost a million dollars, not that anyone should be surprised what with his shyster Dad.

One of the things he bought with money meant for his campaign was a $43,500 Rolex watch.

I know I'm revealing my poorer roots, but not for anything can I imagine anyone needing a watch at all these days, much less a $43,500 one!

And just what beauty and precious stones go into a watch of this expense? Is it made by hand, requiring 365 days to construct? Are its innards made from pure diamonds?

Cell phones have watches, Kindles have clocks, computers, DVR's, most TV shows...and cheap...for free most times.

Spending that much money on a watch, well obviously it's for show. If you wear a $43,000 watch you must be important or rich. Right?


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