"Bachelor" Update, Some Royal Gossip, Expiring Library Cards



So I've been watching ABC's The Bachelor but a)Bachelor Sean Lowe is probably the most boring of any Bachelor ever.

Which is not to say he's not a nice guy but goodness it'd be nice if he'd show an emotion, maybe a bit of ire for the drama?

He's now down to the four girls with whom he will go on the so-called "home town" date when he'll go to the remaining four's home towns and meet their family.

The remaining four are Ashlee, 32, from Texas. Sean is from Texas and I think locale and logistics often play a part in love choices made on this show but this is just a hunch on my part.

Catherine is 26 and is from Washington state, Desiree is 24 from Colorado, Lindsay is 24 from North Carolina..

If I were to make a guess as to the final choice, I'd go, for now, with Lindsay. Her claim to fame is showing up the first night to meet the Bachelor wearing a bridal gown. Sean really seems to like Lindsay.

My second choice would be Ashlee. She's the oldest of the group but she lives in Texas and Sean also seems to like her.

As always….we shall see.



It began with the Kindle.

Seems that even though the state of Delaware built a Taj Mahal of a library in Georgetown that libraries are antiquated, things of the past.

And so despite the bad money thrown after good as part of Obama's ill-conceived stimulus the local library is offering an electronic book borrowing service. Just a quick sign-up here, download the Amazon app to obtain the desired electronic read and boom, check out books electronically!

So I go to sign up and it says, abruptly and to my shock, that my library card is expired.

Well of course my library card's not expired! I check out books all the time!

So I write the bureaucrats at the Delaware department of libraries and email with my complaint. No answer.

So I go online and do a live chat with whoever they have doing that. Even my electronic library mentor didn't know that library cards expire. Further, using the same ID# I could access the regular library site, the site where one can check books out, due dates and renew books as needed. If my card was expired why does only one arm of the Delaware library bureau tell me so?

With a little further pushing of buttons and with my electronic library mentor by my electronic side, I soon discovered that THIS site politely informed me my card was expired and to please renew it.

Recall that the electronic venture was abrupt with a cryptic message that my card was expired. And I'll augment my ire with the factoid that Delaware library cards do NOT have expiration dates on them and I ask, why not?

My electronic library mentor sent me the following from the Big Book of Bureaucratic Library Rules for the State of Delaware:

"Library cards issued to resident and non-resident property owners are valid for a period of three (3) years. Expired cards may be renewed at the time of the borrower's next library visit."


What better gossip source is there than the Royals of England?

According to a recent National Enquirer article, there's a rift in the royal family over Kate and William's plan to name their baby, if a girl, after Princess Diana, William's mother.

First, this sounds like a typical National Enquirer article. It's attributed to a "palace source" but the story's theme sounds like something the whole world wonders.

Lookit, Princess Diana ran around in her last days with a childish rich guy, jumping into speeding cars with no bother of seatbelts. But her real tragedy began when she married Prince Charles knowing he already had a woman he truly loved.

Do not tell me Diana didn't know this; she even told her biographer that there were "three people" in that marriage and she knew this from the start.

I suppose Diana thought that love would conquer all but let us not be fooled that Diana made some foolish, deathly choices.

Which is not to say that Prince William shouldn't name his child after his mother and it may come to be.

This possibility will be a gossip item to await!


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