The Two Things That Will Bring Down the Political Class; TV Review: "The Taste"


Here's a cat whose picture has gone viral for his unique "eyebrows".


Well he does look a lot like Groucho Marx doesn't he?

The Political Class….Will They Soon Cross the Line?

If I've learned anything besides my need to hone my prognosticating skills by the re-election of President Obama it's that what is is not really and what is not is.

If that sounds like Alive in Wonderland, well yeah, that's where I think I'm living.

We have a congress that spends taxpayer money on the most ridiculous schemes, for obvious example this so-called "green energy" nonsense, and more money's going out than coming in and most of us out here in la-la land understand this.

It's that common sense thing and the political elite, by virtue of their self-proclaimed privileged status, do not have this common sense thing nor do they want it.

So they get a bit silly with their ignorance.

They send their leaders out, witness Nancy Pelosi, to tell us that there is NOT a spending problem, indeed, there is a "budget deficit".


Yeah, that's clever.

Many a female (though not restricted to female behavior only I must stress) has claimed that the purchase of a thousand pounds of fake fish was smart for the money saved per large-purchase pound. She might call it "economies of scale", as example but common sense will not be trumped, no matter what. When too much goes out without enough coming in, the well will go dry.

I think those who voted for Obama chose the status quo over the danger of a radical Romney Republican type who might not be so practical as to keep my SS and Medicare the same.

These are not evil people who think like that. Come on, we for sure have learned that the Republicans do not deliver their message and I'll take it one step further by asserting that the Republicans do NOT want to get the message out.

Too many of the elected Repubs have gotten so comfortable with their lot as Senator for life with a presidential nomination guarantee for so many years of loyal party service…..they're now the opposition party lite.

It ain't rocket science. We know this, us with the common sense. We MUST run our lives by common sense. The political elite, they can lie to our face as they pee upon our feet declaring it rain. THEIR main goal in life is get re-elected. The common sense by which wer are governed is only, ahem, for the common class.

So okay, I'll go along with that.

By that standard, President Obama is a masterful member of the political elite in that reality never dare enter his kingdom.

I'm okay with that, too, so long as I know it.

Because there with come a time, here's my prediction, when the political elite with push our common sense too far.

I predict this. Write this down.

Do NOT write it down beside your note that I predicted Romney by a landslide.

Still, my common sense tells me that the political elite are going to push it too far, yes they will.

THEN the common sense crowd will rise up. Don't know what they'll do, I'm thinking maybe a massive "sick-in" or something, something that will be participated in so heavily by all, union, non-union, moms, dads, liberals and conservatives. For common sense is all about the preservation of life, the continuation of life, and so the political elite should not go too far. Sure they elected Obama, a political elite of the highest order, but they didn't see his presidency as a matter of life and death.

There are two items that I predict will be pushing it too far.

To start some kind of silly campaign to take away our guns, shorten magazine counts, register with our DNA….oh I know they're talking about, but I don't think this political elite should even be thinking about introducing laws to take away our guns.

Hey, we've been there, done that. We know that all the gun laws in the world won't stop the bad guys, our common sense has sprung over our emotions, and we accept that for our defense, we must have access to the same weapons as the bad guys.

It ain't rocket science.

I just don't see a holier-than-thou pontificating political class passing silly stupid laws is going to sit well with this populace, all of them, no matter their idealogy, no matter their creed, no matter their immigration status, legal and illegal.

Speaking of illegal….that's the second thing the political class might go too far with. I might remind of the nation-wide wave of outrage over the George Dubya plan to grant a bastardized form of amnesty. Sure it was mainly a Republican outrage but again, those of us with common sense understand locked doors and our personal space that should be respected.

The political class blew it when they peed upon our feet in 1987 when they granted blanket-amnesty and failed to live up to their pursed-lips promises that they'll fix our immigration system.

Now they want us to do it again?

They'll try to make us boo-hoo that we want those entering our country to follow our laws, we want our culture and nation respected...they'll use the media to try and make such old-fashioned sentiment so politically incorrect we will be shamed by the mention.

We will NOT buy it this time.

The political elite have no limits on their silliness, they are not bound by common sense. It will be up to US, the common people, to put an end to this nonsense.

Let them get on their soap boxes and try to convince us that we should turn in our guns for our own good. Let them rail at our meanness that we will not welcome criminals into our very homes, goodness, especially if they are from Mexico and have a big family and lots chickens.

Pay attention and let's see if they go over the line.


The Taste-A Review

First, the guy's name is REALLY Malarkey. He was a finalist in Top Chef Miami and now runs five restaurants.

I've known Anthony Bourdain for many years, having read a couple of books he wrote. Don't know if he had a ghost writer but if not, I considered Bourdain to be a very good writer.

Nigella Lawson I know from the Food Network, of course and never heard of Ludo. Ludo is, as a point of order, the nasty tempered judge that every such competitive reality show has. Not sure what his story is but the fellow makes Simon Cowell look positively angelic.

The concept is for each judge to guide their team to culinary victory.

The clever touch here is that, through a complicated system of doors, lights and surprise, the judges might, via their final taste test (which IS really just a spoon), might eliminate their own team member!

I don't much like this show though I'm normally a fan of cooking shows.

The biggest complaint I have is that for all the hype over that vaunted spoonful of food, it's very complicated to see it prepared, how it's prepared, ...that sort of thing. Worse, dear Lord in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, what average viewer has ever cooked parmesan crumb balls and beets with orange zest and horseradish?

Hey, I'm pulling recipe names outta the air here but go with me, most of what these cooks make is not the stuff of home cooks. Although, I emphasize, this show claims to be for non-professional type culinary contenders.
Ludo LeFebvre,Anthony Bourdain,  Nigella Lawson,,Brian Malarkey,

Because of the esoteric food offerings-I have never eaten a quail egg in my life-and the non-likeability of the judges, I don't much care for this show.

I will continue to watch and maybe come back after a bit.

Who knows, my impression might change.



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