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DINOVITE-Seems to Live Up To Its Hype

It seems to be comprised of Flax seed mostly but my dog is thriving with it.

She'd been spending many minutes licking and chewing on her hind legs.

I heard the Dinovite commercials and figured ...why not?

So far the constant chewing has stopped. Her coat is shinier and thicker than in many years.

I'd recommend it.


I've been using Comcast for going on 15 years now, faithfully paying at least $100, now up to $225 a month, faithfully, loyally.

One late Friday night my modem, one that had been in my house at that time for five years. All I know is Comcast brings all the equipment to my house, they hook it up, we use it, we pay for it monthly, see above.

The modem stopped working so I called them up. That modem was an odd thing and after living with it for five years I know there's a way to re-set the password, a password that was erased due to a Comcast shut-down. Happens all the time.

But when I called Comcast for help they had some snot-nose kid handling things and he wouldn't tell me how to re-set the modem, said I'd have to pay $60 bucks for home care. I complained that I had not purchased a single piece of equipment for my house so why should I have to pay Comcast for fixing them?

I was blackmailed essentially but it was to no avail. The damn modem was broke but I didn't know it at the time. After I was FORCED to pay the $60, I had to await the arrival of a Comcast tech the following Monday.

The tech immediately discovered that the modem was bad, gave us a replacement and it's been working fine since.

I did cancel that bribed money they forced me to pay but I despise Comcast for being so damn mean.

So this past Friday night, I saw it with my own eyeballs. The modem shut down. I sit within two feet of that modem, which is combined with a router and it was the router on that other setup that kept giving me such trouble. I know how this modem works, I know when my husband's using it, I know when it's busy, I know when there's lots of bandwidth.

All the lights just shut down and, of course, we had no Internet access. The lights then began to light up again. I even phoned my husband from the bedroom to inform him that the modem was doing something weird.

In fact the modem kept doing weird stuff all night but in the morning we had Internet access.

There was one catch.


What the hell?

I did not call Comcast because it was the weekend and I'd been there and done that. Also, the error message, which seemed to be notification of some kind of virus, didn't block us from the Internet and after a few moments it disappeared completely. But everytime we went to a new web site, we'd get that message.

Somebody was tracking our web site hits.

Husband and I both discussed this and he began investigating. Seems we were not the only ones getting that weird message. AND, heh, it would seem that those snotty brats were still in charge of Comcast problem calls. Husband read accounts of people being told that Comcast is NOT responsible for the problem, that it would cost them $150 to fix and they MUST by Norton or Comcast won't offer a guarantee.

Hey….psssst. I got this message on my Kindle. Did those snotty little kids think I should put Norton on my Kindle?

Further, the error message seems to promise more information with the mere click of a key.


I knew this was a Comcast thing, it wasn't rocket science.

Come Monday morning, guess what?


Cause COMCAST WAS HACKED, that's what happened. Comcast was hacked and for one full weekend (Comcast NEVER fixes anything on weekends) the hacker had complete access to all Comcast user's web site hits.

Hey, maybe it wasn't hacked, maybe it was planned.

They lie, Lord they lie.

Never believe a single word Comcast tells you.

Chastity Losing Weight!

Oops, it's "Chaz". He/she is now a boy.

Heh. Hey Chastity, you are born what you are. It's in your DNA. But you can deform yourself and make the rest of the world refer to you in the wrong gender but you were born a female.

THUS….you are a female.

But good on you you are losing so much weight.

Just like a woman, always watching her figure

Michelle Obama Fashion Doll Now Available for Purchase!!!


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