A Little Political Humor Spiced With Tongue-In-Cheek. A Very Possible Scenario Re the New Pope.



So here is the "retired" Mike Castle addressing the media about how our guns should be taken away, do not believe that bit about expanding background checks and stupid shit like that.

Former congressman and governor, Mike Castle (center), joined Delaware police officials, Governor Jack Markell (left), and Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden (right) at a Wednesday press conference in the Carvel State Office Building to voice his support for a bill that would expand the scope of background checks for the sale or transfer of firearms.
(Photo: Courtesy of the Office of Gov. Jack Markell)

Mike Castle was Delaware's Governor or many years, then went on to serve in America's House for many years. In 2010 he was primaried outta there by Christine O'Donnell.

How they hated Christine O'Donnell.

For Castle, you understand, IS A REPUBLICAN!!!


There is not a Republican alive today who will get involved in any way with gun control. Americans ain't buying it, not for a minute.

But here's this guy we voted outta there, especially us heathens in Delaware's Sussex county, going all about and endorsing needless gun control legislation.

Christine O'Donnel is NOT, you will note, out and about trying to take away our guns.

My post on Delawarepolitics.net.

Some Political Smiles:


Man, the world just don't know what to make of Pope Francis 1.

Well I don't either.

But the whole pope hoopla did cause me to sit and ponder.

I am a Catholic, very devoted to my faith, practicing and a little knowledgeable.

I am no expert but I've got some insight.

Which I will share. Glad you asked.

Here's my scenario….consider.

First, I know for a fact that the court cases re the child molestation cases are finished, settlements have been reached.

Quick reminder, yeah there were a few bad priests who thought young alter boys were their prey. Worse than this was the Bishops who dealt with by moving these priests from parish to parish that these sick priests could spread their sins. There was not, no matter how the crazed anti-Catholics spread their hate,

But the victims sued and they won. Just so yon reader knows, the settlement in the Wilmington diocese involved raiding the diocesan pension files. The court also ruled that the diocese must replenish this fund by a certain date.

None of this information is a secret; the Wilmington diocese openly publicizes the plan.

So to the end of replenishing the pension fund, soon, within the year no doubt, the Catholic church is going to embark on a major what they call "Capital campaign".

This by order of the court, as it were.

The genius of this is that it will be CATHOLICS who replenish this pension fund as the capital campaign aims directly at loyal Catholics. And take to the bank that this pension fund WILL be replenished because Catholics love their church.

Yes we know about the molestation scandals, good Lord back in the fifties and sixties for God's sake. The Communists and nutty media keep trying to bring down the Catholic church but, heh, it doesn't work.

Today the Catholic church is so strict about adults being alone with children it's almost unbearable. There are programs those who lead children must attend. In many cases an adult chaperone must attend all events with their child.

Priests are NEVER allowed to be alone with a young person….ever.

Trust that the molestation scandal will NEVER happen again to the Catholic church.

Look at all the incredible free publicity the changing of the pope has brought.

Suppose the resignation of Pope Benedict was part of the plan?


My scenario is that Benedict knew he wanted to resign, for whatever reason, I'll not speculate.

The Catholic church here in the Wilmington diocese hired a crackerjack public relations firm for their upcoming capital campaign.

The election of this new pope was so perfectly timed. One day with black smoke, as expected.

The second day the air is filled with white smoke, best not to keep the restless media waiting.

So, FOR FREE, two days are filled with the election of anew Catholic pope, right before a HUGE Catholic campaign.

Insert knowing wink here.

The Catholic pope is, de facto, a worldwide position. Popes have affected world events since the beginning of time.

You don't ever see a Pentacostal potentate leading the world and heaven help the swishy Episcopalians ever have influence on world events.

Whether yon reader or the communists in our world respect the pope, guess what? He isn't going away, the Catholic church is NOT going down.

The church held its ground on abortion and they are right.

God Bless our new Pope, Pope Francis 1.


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