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American Idol Going Down to Final Five

Let's talk about the elephant in the room.

I speak of Lazaro Arbos.

No, he's not an elephant.

But he stutters.

He stutters terribly.

Of course he's getting the sympathy vote thought the AI web site...VOTE FOR THE WORST...shows no hesitance in pointing out Arbos' deficiencies.

Besides the stuttering, of course.

He's not really a good singer, truth be told.

He doesn't really belong in the top ten.

But we have sympathy for he who stutters and at first, it's charming.

I cannot imagine how one could have a life in show business with a stutter as bad as Lazaro's.

I wish him luck, he's hanging in there, God Bless.

As for the remaining group, I still like Kree Harrison to win this.

Paul Jolley, Devin, Amber were in the recent bottom three. Paul Jolley was sent home.

It should have been Lazaro.

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