Dance/Stars, Celebrity Apprentice, Top Chef Winner...Waiting for the New Pope and Target Ads Promise Joy

New Designer Hits Target Five and Dime!

His name is Prabu Gavon and he designs a line of female clothing that would be described as very colorful.

The concept of "designer" clothing or home goods is nothing new. Walmart has been featuring the sheets and bed clothes from the Martha Stewart line for many years.

But Walmart doesn't pretend to be anything but Walmart.

Target makes me laugh. Back in my day we considered a store like Target to be a sort of five and dime, the concept being that everything inside costs either a nickel or a dime.

Of course nothing much in the store costs that little but point is, Target is a K-Mart knock off and let us not be fooled.

Capitalism is a wonderful thing so if Target attracts folks with money to their stores, good on 'em!

I also got to laugh at Target commercials. Though I smile, they WORK!

The latest spate of Target commercials shows a young pretty girl wearing colorful Prabu Gavon tops as she goes through life, from initial romance to the tragic breakup.

If you're wondering what this has to do with a store selling merchandise, well so did I.

It's emotion and nothing else. Especially with females I am ashamed to say.

Women think if they buy the Prabu Gavon blouses that love will find them, that they will better bear the heartbreak, that all the joys of womanhood will descend upon them.

Kinda like those Sleepy mattress commercials.


Cardinals To Elect New Pope

I think the Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet,68 will get the nod.


Brazilian Cardinal Odilo Scherer will get the nod having pastored the largest diocese in Brazil and, as popular Catholic sentiment would have it….it's time for a Latin America

Castel Gandolfo, the small town of about 8,000 people a few miles southeast of Rome that has been the summer retreat for popes for almost four centuries



Jacoby Jones
Kellie Pickler
Lisa Vanderpump
Victor Ortiz
Wynonna Judd
Aly Raisman
Andy Dick
D.L. Hughley
Dorothy Hamill
Ingo Rademacher
Jacoby Jones


For now I've loosely compiled some pics and names.

I like the idea of Kellie Pickler. She's a bit of a cutie and will provide lots of entertainment.

Andy Dick!!!! My daughter knows Andy Dick!

It's a long story.

Also am intrigued by Judd and Hamill.

For now the rest will await my critiques as I enjoy this most enjoyable of shows.

CELEBRITY APPRENTICE-BEGINS-It's All About Who You Know That Has Lots of Money

Well it was a good first episode.

Brett Michaels got fired. As I understand it he was a prior winner and prior winners usually are advisors to the contenders, not contenders again. Brett was up against Brande, a blonde babe who I do not know much about. SHE had been the project manager but she also raised over $100K. Not a good idea to send home those who brought in such huge sums, no matter how poorly they did.

Which brings me, for now, to my main conclusion made as I watched the show:

Celebrity Apprentice is all about who you know and who has a lot of money they're willing to share.

Not that my synopsis would surprise anyone who watches the show. Every task involves raising money and the more well-known celebs seem to bring in the most money.

Donald Trump has always been a celebrity suck-up, though he is, himself, a celebrity. But as I have read many times, Trump loves to name-drop and impress those around him by who he knows and hob-nobs with.

And so it is with Celebrity Apprentice.

This series includes prior contenders for CA and what a motley crew. Dee Snyder, LaToya Jackson, Lisa Rinna…..and OMAROSA!

Trump loves Omarosa.

Dennis Rodman? Ahhhh! So THAT;S why he went to Korea. He needed exposure.


Should be an interesting series.


I predicted TOP CHEF!!!!
Kristen Kish

HometownKentwood, MIProfessionChef de Cuisine, Stir – BL Gruppo, Boston, MACulinary EducationA.A., Culinary Arts, Le Cordon Bleu, ChicagoFavorite Simple Winter RecipeFinancier

She came back via "Last Chance Kitchen" but she was the best of the Seattle entrants and I called it earl


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