Pop Tart Guns Scare Bureaucrats, Maxine Waters Nonsense, Repub Heroes and a Bureaucrat Is Born.


Maxine Waters: 'Over 170 Million Jobs Could Be Lost' Due To Sequestration
Maxine Waters -- redefining "stupidity" and "ugly" everytime she shows up in the media.

Rand Paul-A Politico With Principles…..So They're NOT Extinct!

I know his father is a bit of a quirk and Rand Paul himself calls himself a Libertarian. Whatever that means.

But he stood up for over 12 hours and talked. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, even a Democratic Senator came to his aid.

He has FORCED this administration into a corner, (IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLY GHOST WHY, WHY , WHY CAN'T THEY SAY IT?) and today the President will have to address the matter.


I write a criticism of Obama and next thing I know a drone's outside my bedroom window with me directly in the cross hairs.

You don't think this could happen?

With this administration...that just closed down the White House for tours for no reason and is letting illegal immigrants out of jail , all to punish us for daring to suggest the federal budget be trimmed.


Takes a little effort and no air between the legs. Which eliminates all the older elected guys who are just too damn comfortable with their cushy self-important life.


It began with the Kindle.

For even though Georgetown Delaware built a Taj Mahal of a library that was not needed, Sussex County does offer electronic library downloads and I thought this was cool.

Once I got the Kindle came the time to sign up for electronic borrowing. To borrow electronically, one does NOT need a huge wasteful library building built with stimulus wasted taxpayer funds but I digress.

"YOUR CARD IS EXPIRED" I was told once I clicked into something called the "overdrive" page of Delaware's library web site.

Say what?

I looked at my library card and nowhere was it indicated that there was an expiration date. When these sorts of things have expiration dates such a thing is usually entered in big font somewhere on the card, no?

Now these are bureaucrats, lovely ladies they are of the Sussex county library, just trying to loan out books and insuring that our records have the correct address and phone number.

Seems that when folks move or change phones they don't bother to notify the library, goodness….heh. Well that's first on my list when I get a new phone or move….call the library straightaway!

I contacted the online librarian about this expiration problem as I did not know library cards expire. She said they do and that I would have to go in person to the library to re-do the library card.

I didn't really mind this but by now, come on, would a business do this? If the library was a business needing to make a profit would they NOT have the expiration date on the card? Would they then demand that you must come in person to re-new the thing? Wouldn't a private business offer to allow re-newing a card to be done online? A private business NEEDs to make money, needs to KEEP the clients, does NOT say nanny-nanny-boo-boo you must come in, use your gas, if you want to do business with us.

Of course not. Think of the now defunct Blockbuster Video.

But what really upset me was the idle discussion I had with the ladies after going in to renew my library card.

"We're going to have forced renewal for library cards yearly from now on," the lady told me with a smile. "We need to track people as they have out books and we have to be able to reach them."



But we now have to go to the library every year to re-new our card?????

This is how bureaucrats think.

Those sweet library ladies are paid by the gubmint, they do not make a profit, it does not even bother them a whit the inconvenience they are la-di-da putting Delaware citizens through.

While re-newing yearly might not be that big a deal, it sure is when the bureaucrats say you have to come to THEM. A private business would come to YOU.

Yeah, I'm going to write my local congress people, county council on this.

Bureaucrats…..they get power and lose all contact with the real world folks like you and I must live in.


See the Maryland shape cartoon then check out this article.

Well we can see why the gubmint sorts want to take our guns.

Evidently they are scared to death of them.

Kid makes a pop tart into a gun and he's suspended from school?

They're losing this battle, folks….Americans are sick of this stupidity.



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