Benghazi, When Will They Stop Lying? Guest Writer Michelle Turns 50 Without Too Much Drama.

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Drivel: Fifty

I've joined AARP. For $16 per year, I get to announce to the worldth at I have survived my first fifty years on the planet. Wow.

I never, ever thought I'd get here. When I was little, every adult around me seemed really *old* (though they were probably in their late twenties or early thirties) and I knew I'd never live to be that*ancient.*

As I grew older, the "old" range grew older, too. While in my teens, the folks in their twenties and thirties no longer seem old at all.

Then, forties and fifties looked old and sixty was ancient. When I hit thirty myself, "old" had moved to seventies.

Now I've passed fifty (barely). I don't feel old, particularly. I still creak and pop when getting up in the morning, I can see my age in the skin of my hands sometimes, and I have some more stiffness
after sitting for long periods of time, but overall I feel pretty good and in my mind I'm still that twelve-year-old who could jump over the rosebushes in the front yard.

I have to wonder if it'll be the same when I've reached seventy. In the meantime, I now get discounts on meals and hotel rooms.

I view reaching fifty as an accomplishment. I look around at my life and I am satisfied with what I see. I didn't become the wondrous veterinarian I envisioned after reading James Herriot's books, or
distinguish myself by following in my father's policeman footsteps and heroically protecting the victimized, but I don't think I've done badly at all. I have a nice house (since 1992), I have a loving
husband (since 1982), I have a job I mostly enjoy doing (since 1997), I run an online writing list (since 2003), and I have the ability to impulsively rent a limousine for a night out with friends and family.

What more could I ask for?

The Desk Drawer writer's exercise

Benghazi...Worse Than We Could Possibly Imagine

We need to establish a national jury system.

The job of this jury system, selected at random as our own here in the states, no politicians, no bureaucrats.

This jury, we'll call it the "truth" jury, will vote, after an agreed upon time limit as the political spin howls and roils, this truth jury will retire and deliberate. They will then pronounce the politicos as being truthful or lying and like the trials this system is based on, we then move on to the punishment penalty.

For, yon ladies and germs, I must ask, HOW LONG ARE WE GOING TO ALLOW THESE PEOPLE TO KEEP ON LYING?

Jay Carney, dear Lord it was painful to watch this pathetic man lie out of both sides of his mouth as he peed upon the feet of those reporters as he smiled and told them it was raining.

Even ABC news discovered that the original email as comprised by the CIA had been changed 12 times by the State Department and White House combined! And the changes were way beyond a mere correction to a short phrase as Carney FORMERLY asserted.

How that man manages to mumble his lies I will never understand.

But if we had a national truth jury we'd be way beyond this State Department and White House's obfuscations.

Cause, what, do you think Jay Carney is ever going to stop lying? Do you think he will wake up one morning and decide...okay, I'm tired of lying about Benghazi, today's the day I'm going with the truth.

They have nothing to gain by stopping their lies and digging and lying more is their current strategy. Why shouldn't it be? All week we have the mighty pundits telling us, smartly and sweetly, that Carney has to be lying because he said this but Hillary didn't mean it that way and after all Obama did mentions acts of terrorism.

Those of us out here in la-la land where we carry this country on our backs know these assholes are lying, that they let four Americans die cause they didn't want this matter coloring their election battle.

I wonder if Ambassador Stevens' mother had a nice Mother's Day. I'm thinking maybe Hillary and Chelsea got together, had a nice day of it. Obama and his girls probably help celebrate for Michelle.

The mothers of those four dead Americans had a rotten day, they did. Their last memory of Hillary Clinton is her lying self telling them that America would get the guy that made that video that killed their son.

We were born at night, many of us, but not LAST night.

Diane Feinstein worshipped Hillary so much on Meet the Press this past week I seriously had to turn the channel, I was positively wretching.

Well the Clintons know where all the bodies are buried and they are pulling in their chips.

Somebody will go down for this….I think it will be Hillary.

Ending With a Smile

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