American Idol 2013 Has a Winner; Survivor Trick That Won't Happen Again and Amazing Race Anecdotes.

Pic of the Week

Hockey Brothers Win Amazing Race! Second Place Team Didn't Want to Meet Obama!

The winning team in Amazing Race is no surprise. Bates and Anthony Battaglia are brothers and play hockey. They were the picture under the phrase "Amazing Race Winners".

Max and Katie, a pair of newlyweds, were the most amusing and they've earned a mention on none other than the Rush Limbaugh show.

It was in Germany when the teams had to identify who used the phrase "Mr. Gorbachev, take down this wall."

Well all good Conservatives know this was their hero, President Ronald Reagan. Max guessed it was JFK then berated himself, begging his hero Rush Limbaugh not to get mad at him.

Rush did mention this on his show the next day and, indeed, it was quite funny. It's not that the JFK guess was a bad one, it was as intelligent a guess as one might make. But true Conservatives would know, no doubt at all, no hesitation, that those famous words were said by Ronald Reagan.

It got funnier in that on one of the legs of this amazing race, the clues hinted at a meeting with the President.

As in Obama, THAT President.

I was surprised and watched the show intensely. This sure did not seem like a show Obama would get involved with.

Max, God bless, was beside himself. He obviously did not much like Obama but he kept muttering that he would be polite, yada, yada.

Turned out that the "meeting" with Obama involved a picture taken next to a statue of Obama. Max even laughed and said, I'm not making this up, that it was just as well it wasn't Obama, that he didn't want to meet him anyway.

Survivor Trick That Can NEVER Be Used Again.

So Survivor Caramoan is over and the winner is Cochran!

This is generally a very good competitive reality series and I always enjoy it.

And I did enjoy the show when the contenders' family showed up in some form or fashion.

It had kind of a weird dynamic right from the start. But in the end it got really bad.

I predict what happened on Survivor Caramoan's episode aired on 5/5/13 will NEVER happen again on that series.

For Brenda won the contest to win a picnic with her beloved Dad. She was allowed to choose another contender to join the picnic with her, and also that contender's loved one. Brenda chose Dawn and her husband and this pair were very excited.

Then Brenda was offered the chance to NOT have a picnic with her Dad, and also deny Dawn, and if she did, all of the remaining contenders would get to participate with their loved ones.

Brenda, a sweet girl at any rate, chose that she and Dawn would forego the repast with their loved ones and allow the other contenders to have a good time. It was a practical choice. There were about four other teams and by bowing out, MORE contenders would enjoy family visits and some good food.

All of the contenders thanked Brenda profusely. At the tribal council, guess who got thrown out?


It was a good choice I must suppose. No matter how these elimination type of shows try to convince us that they've enduring friendships and loyalty, do not be fooled. It is every man for himself and Brenda, by participating in this most gracious act, set herself up as the quintessential "good guy", she who will not be voted off by the jury for her kindness.

The only caveat here is that future Survivor contenders will likely NEVER choose this sort of thing again.

For no good deed goes unpunished, as the very kind Brenda showed us all too well.

American Idol-    Candace Glover WINS!

I was shocked to see Angie get sent home during the home town show as, well I thought she was going to win and so predicted it.

Ending With a Smile

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