To My Sister Bev....A Big Thank You

To Bev.....they might have been discards to you as you prepared for your move to Florida.  But those garden statues you so generously gave me cheer me up every day.  So I decided to take some pictures of them and show how they make me smile every day.
One of the blue urn pedastals you gave me.
The other blue urn pedastal you gave me.

Remember this guy?  He used to sit near your pond with a fishing pole.  Now he sits by my mailbox.

This is a statue from your garden in Maryland.  He occupies a prominent space in my lawn decor.

The birdbath is mine but the angel came from your garden.

Oh my goodness, remember this fish?  You gave it to me cause it matched my last name.
Okay, so this is a beautiful fern occupying a small garden in front of my porch.  Well Delaware IS a swamp!

This is a compilation of my new work done on my yard....just bragging a bit.

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Gina said...

Great Work Pat.
Beautiful Yard.