Birds and Gardens-The Thrashers Abandon My Yard, I Am Filing a Lawsuit. Cacti Growing in the Delaware Swamp.

Pic of the Week


The Thrasher Traitors

Every year a pair of thrashers make a nest in my hedge rose.

Except this year. This year they have a nest in a neighbor's bush! To add to this snub, they gather their nesting materials and bug food from MY yard.

I'm thinking of filing a complaint to the Sussex county Department of Land Deeds and Boring Bureaucrats. For if my yard is not good enough for their nest, then so should my food and nest materials...not to mention my out of bounds?

Please, don't give the bureaucrats any ideas. They'd love to form a Department of Garden Bird Territories and Human Land Boundaries.

New Rhododendron

It's been three years since I planted this rhododendron in a corner of my house. Big bountiful buds promise a beautiful bloom.

Ants in Your Peonies

Well I tried to get close enough to get pics of the ants climbing all over these peonies.. It was very sunny and I'm no camera expert at any rate. But you can see the big promising buds of this double-blooming peony.

This is REAL Recycling

Note the fluffy stuff in that circular thing. The circular device was originally meant to hold an ear of field corn. This would then hang from a tree to feed the squirrel-rodents. Instead I turned it upside down and now fill it twice a week with my pets' hair, particular the dog's. But I put human hair in it too when I clean my hair brush!

The titmouses love this hair and its real fun to watch one of these cute little birds fill their beak with dog hair and try to get it all...MUST GET IT ALL! The eggs need to be nestled in softness, must get it all!

Daughter and I sat and watched titmouse pulling hair out of that thing, loading his beak down till he looked like a little bird Santa Claus. Then he couldn't get air born so he struggled with that, eventually got to flying but he swooshed and swished all over that yard trying to fly with all that hair in his beak.

It was cute as all get out.

Sad Thing is That This is True

The Cacti Grow In the Swamp

Got a cutting of this handsome plant from a friend and love it! Soon it will fill the garden with lovely yellow blooms. Will have pics then.

Imagine, a cactus in a swamp.

Ending With a Smile

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