Chapter 3-Illegals and the Political Class

“Clarion Call” is an American business dedicated to nothing more than making money. Through marvelous use of technology, mass communication and an interconnected society , “CC”, as it became known, unwittingly stepped up to podium when the government of the United States totally collapsed, all under its own bureaucratic weight.

Solidly set and running smoothly with an economic and intellectual infrastructure that included millions of American citizens, talents ready, workers inside of the government institutions, an ant hill existed below the fruited plains that arose to save the most powerful country in the world.
All this without a single bureaucrat lifting a finger, without a solitary politician casting a vote.

This is one chapter to a book I am currently writing. It’s due to be a blockbuster so read it while it is written, and enjoy.

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Chapter 3-Illegals and the Political Class

It would turn out that Sherry Morton’s new set of adult lungs did not work for her. As most of us already know, Sherry immediately got another set of lungs and thus another PR coup was accomplished. Rather than have the government do a nanny-nanny-boo-boo, the Clarion Call Public Relations Consultant kept a low profile on the matter until a new set of lungs was obtained and surgically inserted.

It was how Clarion Call learned how to “lie”, if one will, this omission of information. Which is poppycock, of course, in that contractors of Clarion Call lied all the time and the company never denied it. But the remnants of the former Mainstream media whimper that it was the lies of Clarion Call that helped bring down the country’s infrastructure.

When the truth is it was more Clarion Call’s ABILITY to lie that helped SAVE the country.

But I get ahead of myself.

For now know that I am a mere scribe writing and documenting events as they unfolded. I also insert my own amateur political analysis. “Amateur” in that I am not a professional pundit like so many that fell like the rotten idols they were. They waxed on often enough about the political class, or the Ruling Class, as we call them now. But the pundits never exposed or discussed the true faults of the political elite, how their desperation to protect themselves kept them from doing a darn thing to help the populace, at least the populace that carried this country on their backs.

It’s a good thing that the Country Class does not rise up as one very often for we number in the millions. Some compare it to herding cats, this common cause which causes all to protest, to want change.

And, of course, then came Egypt.

Before that there were several big news stories also hitting the mass media, to include the IRS abuse, the Benghazi debacle, Senator Lopez of New Jersey and his predilection for young girls, the Snowden guy who exposed the NSA abuse, and the biggest one of all, the immigration law folly.

It was a culmination of many things that began by installing a small but very discernible fear in the pits of stomachs across the fruited plains. Sherry Morton was denied life by a bureaucrat and thus the landslide began, slow, determined, strong. Senator Lopez of New Jersey, a known pedophile for his many years in the senate, got caught raping a 12 year old-caught on camera. The landslide grew stronger. The witch from the IRS got on our national TV’s demanding her right to the fifth though she denied so many citizens their rights to group for common cause. Benghazi went on and on and on and on.

It “went viral”, if we use the computer term, when the President’s Chief of Staff was caught on tape telling the whole world how it really works, “their” plans for our futures.

But I get ahead of myself.

Many of my scribe colleagues suggest that I state my political beliefs, real strong like, state them loudly in the interest of fair and balanced. Because, for sure, some of the words I use above in describing the headlines of the era do show me distinctly as what used to be called the Tea Party. AKA “the Country Class”, AKA “the Silent Majority”, AKA “American Citizens.”

Those that were scornfully called “teabaggers” by the Ruling Class were nothing more than the political activists of the Country Class, AKA “the Silent Majority”-you get the picture.

In fact I was like many Americans of the time before the collapse, basically a good person, I’d argue-I always voted in national elections-but some might have called me a so-called “Low Information” Voter. If so I’d vehemently argue that I was very intelligent and paid attention to the news. But yes, I had kids and I had a job and I had a husband who was very ill. I had a life to live, in other words, and it took a while-didn’t it?- to make the Tea Party stratum understand that their disdain for what they called “low information” voters almost caused the entire of the Country Class to fail to save the country so rapidly.

I didn’t understand Socialism all that much except I knew it was somehow a bad thing. I thought Communism was a thing of the past. The EPA-a major government agency responsible for the –what shall I call it? The “Almost-Collapse?”- yes, that’s it, the almost-collapse-meant nothing to me and I daresay most Americans of all IQ levels. Most of us, frankly, didn’t even know electricity came from coal, and had no concept at all that EPA regulations would stop our air conditioners so abruptly.

We low-information voters might not understand socialism and communism and not even much about Muslims. But we know bribery and thievery and corruption and we learned soon enough what happens when it all comes together like the proverbial perfect storm.

I was not a Tea Party or a political activist of any sort. I did, like millions of my fellow Americans, rise up to act to help steady the wobbling country. Neither was I a so-called “low-information” voter. Then again we sure did learn about propaganda and hypnotizing the masses now didn’t we? I was, like so many millions of us, preyed on with the results of many focus groups and during my busy multi-tasking life, sound bytes worked.

Indeed I thought the “Affordable Care Act” sounded so warm and fuzzy. Who knew that it would cause Americans to die in the streets while little girls’ mothers’ had to go on TV to pray for lungs denied he daughter for her age?

I for sure knew nothing about millions of illegals, something called a “political class” , the politics of Egypt or perfect storms for that matter. My granddaughter was having a dance recital soon, my boss wanted a report next week, my husband had a doctor’s appointment, how he hated those.

I heard the sound bytes and knew the Egyptians were taking to the streets. All I knew was that Egyptians seemed to always be in the streets for some reason. I knew there were people living in this country illegally, of course I knew this. But I didn’t know many of them personally though Delaware was chock full of illegal Guatemalans and Ecuadorians for our huge chicken industry. They surely were, as described them by the former mainstream media, people of the shadows. They kept to themselves, mostly, and areas of stores and businesses that appealed to Hispanics flourished as is how it goes often with capitalism.

I heard of the movie titled “Perfect Storm” and I did understand the concept of an apex of many similar things causing a guaranteed reaction as known by past experience. I would never have thought that a perfect storm of the proportions we too recently experienced was possible. Yes, like so many, I believe that God does truly bless America for we were blessed. It is my job as The People’s Scribe to document the almost-collapse of the United States of America and the subsequent rise of the Country Class to wrest the reins of power that would save the nation.

Like the political class before us wanted so desperately to do, we-and by “we” I refer to the “Country Class”- did grant our illegal citizens amnesty. With the dedicated help of Clarion Call, we taught them to speak our language, we registered them, we welcomed them across the country with fests and parties, dances and lights, Hispanic food and hot dogs. Clarion Call is, after all, filled with experts on celebrations. We certainly do understand the concept of family, neighborhoods and the choice between happiness and grief. We also totally understood the concept of fences and property lines and people going where they don’t belong.

For when congress passed that horrible amnesty bill that granted mass amnesty to all those here illegally, this with NO pre-qualification of secure borders, the line had been passed by the political class. When all this particular public debate was going on I was not, like many millions of us, a low-information voter. I have a small house, it’s mine, I care for it. The government thinks that owning a house is a good thing that citizens should do. Homeowners are way less likely to be criminals, they tend to keep their places tidy. Thus the government grants tax exemptions for homeowners’ lines of credit, mortgage interest and expenses associated with home ownership.

Owning a home is the American dream and that will never change no matter what political class tries to destroy the concept. Along with owning a home come property lines, fences that must be kept proper to keep out those not welcome. Millions of Americans every day deal with protecting and defining their property. Even us low-information voters paid close attention to the legislation debate on amnesty. All I heard, loud and clear, was there would be NO qualification that the border be sealed before mass amnesty would be granted.

This was going on at the time of the Affordable Care Act and all the confusion that was causing. We had little Sherry Morton as an example of a heartless government, we had the IRS as an example of a ruthless government, we had this very law as an example of a non-caring government.

So while I document that the Mass Citizenship Welcome of 2013 –a fine example of a stupid and insulting title- began the tumble of the country to a downhill spiral, I must caution that as mentioned earlier, this is my opinion. I do have the title of the People’s Scribe but that makes me no expert. Next year there will be another People’s Scribe who too will get such an honor for having won a nationwide Blogging contest. There are still, of course, thousands of other pundits on the Internet and Clarion Call’s managed to get many new pundits on the air. Like the American Idol before me, I got the job because the people voted me in. Also, my writing of our “history” here is subject to a national vote. The words of the People’s Scribes will always be part of all future history courses lest they try to change history like the political class, with the help of the media class, managed to do. Funny how the country class managed to make mass voting easy what with retina-scanning a sure-fire way to avoid lying and corruption. The technology was there for quite a long time; the political class just didn’t want to use it.

The perfect storm was brewing. Add a massive power outage and private words spoken very publicly and the collapse was on.

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