Clarion Call-Chapter 4-Codevilla’s Book and a Nationwide Blackout­

“Clarion Call” is an American business dedicated to nothing more than making money. Through marvelous use of technology, mass communication and an interconnected society , “CC”, as it became known, unwittingly stepped up to podium when the government of the United States totally collapsed, all under its own bureaucratic weight.

Solidly set and running smoothly with an economic and intellectual infrastructure that included millions of American citizens, talents ready, workers inside of the government institutions, an ant hill existed below the fruited plains that arose to save the most powerful country in the world.
All this without a single bureaucrat lifting a finger, without a solitary politician casting a vote.

Chapter 4-Codevilla’s Book and a Nationwide Blackout­


“In "The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It," Angelo M. Codevilla argues there has been a searing rift in the relationship between the governing and the governed that is unlike the normal left-right pendulum swing to which we're accustomed.”­

No, the book by Angelo Codevilla did NOT explode upon the literary scene to cause disgruntled Americans across the fruited plains to revolt after each chapter. Take it from me, a former “low-information voter”-AKA “LO-FO” voters, I never heard of Codevilla and even if I had his writing was not my favored genre.­

After the “correction” of the country, the book by Codevilla was put on the official History Site of the Revolution. Reading is not required as one benefit of the revolution is we are all now free and not under the thumbs of endless bureaucrats. School children of the future might read it; for now the reconstruction of the country’s education system is still in process and it goes just fine. Remove the unions and the bureaucrats and the brothers-in-law of local school officials selling a new educational tool and boom, so much we could do with not a dime more than the budget the Ruling Class had and used unwisely.­

Heretofore I called them the political class and frankly I will always consider them thus. They do not rule me and never did. They drove me nuts and I avoided breaking stupid laws for the bother but I had no respect for any of them. So I call them the political class but essentially it is the Ruling class outlined by Codevilla.­

So we had the infamous Affordable Care Act, followed by Benghazi followed by the IRS scandal followed by the Zimmerman trial along with the Sherry Morton ruling capped off by the immigration fiasco all outlined in the Codeville book.­

Then came the national blackout.­

There are a million web sites documenting how the nationwide blackout came to be. I am a Scribe, formerly a lo-fo voter, I cannot begin to understand how this entire country ended up with a blackout and it was, as we all know now, the key, the huge key, that opened the mind of Tea Partiers and lo-fo voters alike. Nothing gets your attention like lack of power.­


As I understand it, the blackout was a result of new coal restrictions put in place by President Obama. I would like to insert right here that in the first election I voted for President Obama. I didn’t the second time as I didn’t much like that health care thing. I have no great rancor for the former President; by me he did what he does, he pushed his political agenda, he never lied about a thing. ­

The Republican party, if truth were to be told, did more lying on any one day than President Obama did in his lifetime and this is substantial.­

The Republican party’s part in all of this is more for lack of opposition than necessarily major bad actions on their part. They waffled about immigration in the House, they allowed the Affordable Care Act to pass and didn’t defund it as they could have. They didn’t fight hard enough against the EPA and for implementation of the Keystone pipeline. ­

Clarion Call did manage to get the pipeline installed and operational. The Republicans and the Democrats, both, allowed a national blackout to happen and for that, plus that amazing sound byte of truth and clarity, was all this country needed to take action.­

Clarion Call filled in all the blanks.­

As best as I can understand it, the problem was all about coal. Let me state right here that I know very little about electricity-how it’s generated, that sort of thing. I now understand that coal is used to fire the burners that will burn the fuel that will, with the help of magnets, somehow generate electricity.­

The EPA had somehow, intentionally or unintentionally-it hasn’t yet been determined-stopped all coal from delivery from electricity generating plants that used the fuel. Somehow that awful bureaucracy managed to stop the railroads, as I am to understand, and coal simply was not delivered. I do not think the EPA intended to shut down electricity for the entire country, especially in view of how it changed things and yon reader will note, the EPA is no more.­

There are many generators of nuclear energy as well and at the least one would expect that these electric-generating plants would have remained open and would have provided SOME electricity, even if serving only a few areas. Let us not forget the windmills and other forms of “green” energy, which in toto might have supplied electricity for maybe a dozen people. Dear Lord, even the wind stopped blowing that day.­

As for me, all I knew was, boom, the electricity went out in my house. I looked around and decided, oh well, this too will pass. Electric outages were not that unusual in my area, what with being a tourist area and the crazy drivers who come with this setting. They are on vacation, so goes the logic, I cannot get in an automobile and hit a pole, I am on vacation! I took a nap.­

I awoke over two and a half hours later. This was the last restful sleep I would have for many months.­

Indeed it was unusual for the electricity to be out for over two house, goodness our local guys got the thing rolling within an hour, almost always. I walked outside and noted none of my neighbors seem to have electricity either. So I knew it wasn’t just me.­

“Cheryl, we can’t get a hold of Delmarva,” Charlotte, my neighbor to the right told me, holding up her cell phone to indicate she’d been calling.­

“All of the cell towers aren’t working as I understand it,” another voice in the neighborhood shouted.­

By this time there was a small throng of people wandering our neighborhood and, intriguingly, there were no sounds of any traffic on the nearby big highway near our development. The sound of silence was scary.­

Many of us had cell phones still charged, and many had portable chargers, but it was for nought. The cell towers weren’t working. We had no electricity, no way to communicate, no television.­

Local radio stations powered up via generators across the fruited plains so bits of what was a nationwide electricity outage became known to all, even if only by radio wave and word of mouth.­


It might be recent history but it will someday become American history, this American “Revolution” of the 20th century. It did not happen in a vacuum, we all know this now. ­

It began with the Tea Parties of mid-term election year 2010. Understand I was not a Tea Partier at the time though I never much thought the concept of meeting with elected officials at Town Halls across the fruited plains to be a bad thing. I did note that there were large swaths of human beings in DC in protest of something or other. At the time my husband was suffering from a brain infection and needed my attention 24 hours a day. Whatever feuds between the political class and the country class at that time went right over my head.­

The Tea Parties of yesteryear didn’t much change anything in terms of social dynamics, even in the political landscape frankly. The Tea Parties of yesteryear were the first instance of a country class uprising. It is hard to control the country class. There are millions of them and they all have different lives, talents, residences and lifestyles. It’s like herding cats, so went the old expression. ­

Millions of Tea Party members joined up with Clarion Call, all just for the extra money.­

Came the time to turn America around, Clarion Call was still a huge business alive to make lots of money. But it was peopled to the brim with Tea Party types. With the massive technological advances of our era, and with a political class that benefits from old or no technology now knocked out of relevance, it was small matter to herd the cats to get the power back on, fix the immigration problem, form a new albeit temporary government and goodness, ask around. Most Americans today are supremely happy now that the government doesn’t control them with endless bureaucratic minutiae or the political class ignores them by refusing to engage in the number one job of the federal government-enforcing the borders.­

But I digress.­

Even with the power outage and finger from the political class over immigration reform, the IRS nightmare, even with Affordable Care collapsing like it did…even with all that I’m still not convinced the cats could have been herded without the now infamous 23 minute tape caught live and clear on audiotape. It was Micky Major indeed, giving a House member a piece of his angry mind-President Obama’s Chief of Staff. ­

Representative Rick Morrow from Colorado approached Major with some concerns of his constituents re the then recently passed Mass Citizenship bill. It was the night of the annual State of the Union speech and say what you will about President Obama, he loved the spotlight and loved to tout his alleged “accomplishments”. In January of 2014, Affordable Care was in full effect-what they could salvage, as we all remember. The Mass Citizenship Welcome Bill of 2014 was passed by one vote in the House of Representatives and accepted, in conference, by both legislative Houses. It was a horribly disliked piece of legislation but there is always a line.­

The line is crossed at different points by different personality types. Many of us regard an abused wife with puzzlement, wondering why she would put up with constant black eyes and verbal mistreatment, with no end in sight. Even that abused wife has a line, a line that cannot be crossed without –finally- causing the recipient to strike back.­

Cat herds have thick impenetrable lines but even millions of cats will scatter as one should a common danger be upon.­

The power went out and as the country survived 7 days before power was restored across most of the country, the cat herds were treated to endless tapes-23 minutes long-of Chief of Staff Micky Major scream at a Representative of the People about how America would soon be all Hispanic, the culture of the blithering Founding Fathers was soon to end, men will marry men and women will marry women and indeed so-called “children” (adolescents) will be allowed to love an adult male and receive love back without trauma or fear of a jail term.­

Yes he really said that…well yon readers have no doubt heard the tape a million times and know it by heart.­

For the power went down across the country the day of President Obama’s state of the union speech. We never did get to hear Obama’s speech that year. ­

In fact, the only sound wave to be heard across the fruited plains was that 23 minute tirade by Micky Major.­

It all would have been funny were the whole thing not so tragic, and unnecessary.­


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