Gardens and Birds-Ferns Run Amok, Wrens Built Odd Nest; Pics!

Pic of the Week

Hair-Crazed Titmouses, Wrens and Odd Nests, Thrasher Babies

Note the fluffy stuff in that circular thing. The circular device was originally meant to hold an ear of field corn. This would then hang from a tree to feed the squirrel-rodents. Instead I turned it upside down and now fill it twice a week with my pets' hair, particular the dog's. But I put human hair in it too when I clean my hair brush!

The titmouses love this hair and its real fun to watch one of these cute little birds fill their beak with dog hair and try to get it all...MUST GET IT ALL! The eggs need to be nestled in softness, must get it all!

Daughter and I sat and watched titmouse pulling hair out of that thing, loading his beak down till he looked like a little bird Santa Claus. Then he couldn't get air born so he struggled with that, eventually got to flying but he swooshed and swished all over that yard trying to fly with all that hair in his beak.

It was cute as all get out.

Thrashers Fledge

The top picture is a parent thrasher warning its youngster, in the bottom pic above, to be still and not move.  This is because I was peeking into bushes where young thrashers had fledged.  Note the bottom picture, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, the little thrasher sat still as I took his pic.  "Don't mind me," he seems to say.  "I'm just a leaf."


Wren's Nest
In the bowels of a piece of porch furniture, Mrs. Wren laid four eggs so I can't watch TV on my porch for a while.


GARDENS-Beautiful Ferns, Garden Statuary, Landscaping.

Below, pic of my re-landscaped front yard.  Also, go HERE to see garden statuary I obtained from my sister.

 Below, a gorgeous fern now in bloom in my front porch garden.

Below, well if you don't bring in your garden flowers, why grow them?

Below, little man sits by my mailbox in newly landscaped gravel path.

Ending With a Smile

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