"My Beating Heart" -The Life of Lacey Lynn. Next Delaware Governor Bursts Onto the Scene With Happening Children's Book.

Lacey Lynn Lafferty is a precious little girl who reminds me very much of my granddaughter.

Here's a link to my interview of children's author, Lacey,next Governor of Delaware.

Below a link to an interview on WMDT for the book, and here, a link to the Cape Gazette article on this book.

The writing for this book is a bit confusing although the vocabulary is very appropriate for young minds from age 6 to perhaps age 9, as I figure.

At times the prose is a bit poetic, as with:
"I did not know what was about to happen, as I lay there
thinking, I began blinking."
Which is nice but other prose is a straight narrative. I found it a bit disconcerting, the switch from poetry to prose and back but it was all very good reading. The story of young Lacey is told very well from the time when young Lacey could run and skip as well as other children to the time when it was required to fix her tiring heart.

The story continues on, always with those wonderful illustrations, to the operation and the recovering young Lacey on to a normal busy and active childhood, free from heart problems.

One thing about this book bothered me. In one part of the book young Lacey is shown enjoying a McDonald's happy meal with great joy.

Man that's about as politically incorrect as they come. Although had my granddaughter undergone any sort of serious surgery like young Lacey she'd for sure celebrate by consuming a happy meal, I understand this.

I certainly had no problem with the story of young Lacey and her celebratory happy meal. But you can believe some uptight liberal will sniff that such things should not be encouraged in children. I wonder if author Lacey should have been a bit more generic about young Lacey's after-surgery happy meal.

This book is well-illustrated with a most wonderful story. I am no expert on children's books but this is a book I can see my granddaughter pulling off the library shelf based on the title and gorgeous illustrations.

And a book children are eager to read will always be a good thing.

Congratulations both young Lacey and to Delaware's next Governor. This book is a great read with a terrific story.

For more information or to purchase this book.

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